Saturday, 19 January 2013

Winter Wonderland

Now the snow has stopped falling for the moment and it is the weekend, everyone has enjoyed the weather. First thought to share with you is this sign we saw down on Walcot Street this afternoon. I certainly know some people who subscribe to this point of view!
This morning started as yesterday finished - snow-covered and cold. I got out into the garden before I took Bella out and captured the smoothing effects of the snow on the some of the more architectural elements in the garden.
These curvy plant supports supporting some great 3D-modeling - lovely natural Bezier curves (one of my favourite mathematical constructs!) 
I liked the way the snow filled in the gaps in the chair and the plant holder.
Out onto the streets with Bella, we found that the van had been snow-tagged. 
The whole row of cars had been similarly adorned with this logo. 
Down on Fairfield Park Road, it was definitley Winter Wonderland scenery. 
A lonely snow man sitting on the steps of this house. 
Late on, we walked down into town, testing out our snow grippers in the process (they are brilliant - never felt so confident on snow and ice in my life!).  Passed a house on Belgrave Crescent and were most taken by a pair of finely sculpted snow statues - first by this jolly snow man.
We had a nice chat to the artists and family outside the house while they were at work on their creations. This was the second statue - a friendly snow dog
Down in town, we had a little tootle up and down Walcot Street and then walked back up the hill. Looking over towards Bathampton, a wintry scene indeed.
This day a year ago, the weather was very diferent indeed - sunshine and a rainbow I just caught out of the corner of my eye.

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