Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Miscellany of a Day

Forgot to write last night that we watched "The Cave of Forgotten Dreams" (2D version on DVD) - the Werner Herzog film about the Chauvet cave in France with 35,000 year old paintings.  The paintings are amazing, but the commentary was quite soporific as was the music, so a mixed review from me.
We have decided that the house that we thought we might move to really is too small. This has led us to decide to take ours off the market and take stock of what we are doing. We've had a nice clean house for weeks mind you! In the meantime, we have decided to reorganise our space at home quite differently, of which news as it happens. I fear that this means visits to Ikea...

This morning was brighter than the last few days - great to see light in the sky.
We went out for breakfast - passed our wallflowers on the way.
As it was such a nice day, after breakfast we came home and collected Bella before heading off towards Chew Magna and then on to Chew Valley Lake. Su had a chance to test her ultra-warm, home-made-in-Canada gloves (thanks Guy and Wendy!).
Walking round the lake, we saw this van - I personally don't see the relevance of the religious beliefs to the efficacy of the hedge trimming. Maybe I should set up shop as the Atheist Photographer?
Further round, there has been a lot of work clearing grass and reeds and digging up trees. Lovely smell of woodsmoke on the air.
The skies cleared and the weather was calm and still, if pretty cold.
Remnants of seed heads caught my eye.
We sat and enjoyed the peace and calm of the afternoon while Bella gradually and happily chewed her way through her stick.
The sun reflecting on the water over Denny Island showed off this flotilla of geese very well.
In memory of somebody who enjoyed sitting here looking at the lake?
One last look after we had nipped into the cafe for a cuppa and a sausage roll, and before we came home.
One of the fruits of our trip to Chew Magna was Su's purchase of this ornament - Su is looking for a name for her, so all suggestions through the Comments box please. 
This day a year ago, I wrote about my back recovery regime and a walk so murky I couldn't see Keynsham from Lansdown. Posted this photo of lichen as an example of brightness on a gloomy day.
Finally, many thanks to all our readers for making January our highest ever number of page views.  At the time of writing, we have had 1,666 this month - a whopping 146 more than our previous highest readership in October last year. I'll let you know the final total tomorrow.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Snow and Gone

Woke up bright and early to see a dusting of snow on the cars and roofs. Higher up the hill there was a more definite covering. On the way up the hill, saw this discarded steamer looking forlorn in the corner.
This upturned bin lives on the pavement all the time - wonder who it belongs to?
At the top of the hill, cars had definite coverage and the post box looked well turned out.
This bench looked most uninviting.
Snow had settled on roofs, bushes and walls, but not on the roads and hardly on the grass.
Coming down the hill again to get the paper, saw loads of yellow croci which have popped up in in the last day or so.
I sorted out the fire and stayed in the warm working for the rest of the day. We had talked about trying Westonbirt today but decided against it, especially as there were a few more flurries later in the afternoon. Su defrosted some spinach for a delicious spinakopita for tea. Nice truncated cone shapes.
This day last year we did go to Westonbirt, zoomed back for some lunch and managed to see all of "Barney's Version"on a second attempt. Su posted this photograph of a feature from a bizarre Madrid hotel we stayed in the previous Easter.
The snow has now all melted, so that was exciting... Nothing like the challenges some of our readers have to endure in Canada, Oregon or bonny Scotland!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Grey Sunday

The hoped-for sun did not materialise today, so no jaunt to Westonbirt.  Instead we went down to Julia's allotment to help her clear some of the vegetative debris.  It was great being there with company...
After an hour and a cup of coffee, I left them to it and went off to walk Bella, stopping to admire this rhubarb.
Also struck by these teasels [Genus Dipsacus, family Dipsacaceae: several species, including fuller's teasel apparently!]
On our walk, saw these bright roses...
Snowdrops waiting for the snow...
After our walk, we went off to Bristol to Bill & Patsi's. Had a lovely meal and talked for hours before coming home. Spotted this inscrutable graffiti opposite their house.
This day a year ago, I featured this image of the two cats pushing Bella out of her bed!
No snow yet, but the forecast promises some tomorrow morning.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Let There Be More Light

We did get down to IlluminateBath last night.  Animated projections of butterflies and shadows at the blinds on this building opposite the Roman Baths.
A projection called Frequency on the steam of the Baths, with accompanying audio
Looking back at the Abbey from the Baths - all lit up, as usual.
In Abbey Square, this phone box with activating key bathed in animated projections.
Projections included totally red.
Round the corner, we saw the artist live painting on a Wacom tablet. The result was projected onto the side of the Pump Rooms.
Across from that, another series of animated projections.
After all that excitement we were hungry and frozen, so we repaired to Yum Yum Thai for a couple of curries - delicious!

This morning saw another colourful start to the day.
 Those curvy telephone wires again!
Walked Bella while Su stayed in for the first of two viewings of the house today. Noticed this arabesque shed door.
Su didn't feel too well today, so we postponed our visit to Patsi and Bill's until tomorrow (she has got better throughout the day, thankfully). Took Bella out for a late-ish walk into more lovely skies.
This day a year ago, Su wrote an animal-focused blog post which featured these two, relaxing after having chased each other around the house. 
Weather and health permitting, we plan to zoom up to Westonbirt tomorrow morning for a walk before we go over to Patsi and Bill's. Let's see if the threatened/promised snow appears later on!

Friday, 27 January 2012

A Day of Light

Completely clear skies this morning - not a cloud to be seen.
Morning light catching this weeping willow
With clear skies comes the frost, as shown on this car windscreen.
After breakfast, we went off to have a look at the flat that Su viewed yesterday.  It is out in the country, in a former bishop's castle - complete with crenellated walls.
The whole building contains about 10 flats.  The flat was a lovely big space, but not sure I'm up for the rural seclusion.
Never seen a numberplate that is just numbers before...
Mind you, the idea of having a driveway to the house was quite appealing!
Went for coffee and a cake afterwards in Chew Magna (a village nearby with cable and three banks!). Saw this rather unusual garden ornament for sale.
Also saw these daffodils, with one about to burst into flower.
Then it was home through the gathering clouds.  The skies opened, before clearing in time for Su's walk with Bella.
But what weather comes next?
Tonight is the last night of Illuminate Bath, an event based around the Roman Baths. We may go down to it, but the temperature is falling rapidly. In case we don't get there, here is a photo from last night posted on Twitter by @jchaps21 (John Chapman), who wrote,"Had a great time creating a live illustration on the Pump Rooms for @Illuminatebath tonight." There is also a slideshow on the This is Bath website.
This day a year ago I suddenly realised I need to write my blog entry after a day at the Degree Factory.  Posted this photograph of the clouds from the plane to Lisbon in October 2010.
Tomorrow, we have two more viewings of the house,. Then off to see our chums, Bill and Patsi, late afternoon - so the blog may be late and/or short...