Sunday, 15 January 2012

Whirl of a Week!

Got a better night's sleep, and awoke refreshed to another bright, cold morning.  Su's turn to walk Bella out today, so I stayed warm and made some breakfast. My eye was drawn to this projection of the sunlight through our stained glass window - probably the best yet. Interesting how the intensity, size and angle of these projections changes with the position of the sun throughout the year.
Late morning, we went to have another look at the house nearby. It has really caught our interest and we can really imagine ourselves living in it.  Rather than tempt fate, I will not say more about it until discussions with the owners have taken place later in the coming week. To whet your appetite, here is one of the views from the downstairs bedroom
After that, it was back home for a swift change of clothes and into the van for a trip to Brean beach. We decided to tuck the van out of the way at the top of the beach, whereupon this happened! Tried digging out the tires and putting mats under the wheels to no avail.
So Su went off to talk the the friendly Beach Warden, who zoomed up the beach and pulled us out in no time.  He told us that it was just as well we had done this on a weekend, as he doesn't work there during the week. Phew!
Waiting for the Beach Warden to arrive, I composed a panoramic view of the scene in front of me. Blissful.
Once we were safely installed on firm sand, it was time for the important business of the afternoon - the first hot cross buns of the year.  Only three months till Easter and the merchandise is well established in stores...
Bella was happy chewing her stick, and then very well behaved while we ate our buns (she got a taste or two...) and drank our mugs of tea.
It was really glorious on the beach, and Bella happily chased after her ball. These sand ridges could be pictures of flying over the desert.
Unfortunately, I started a migraine aura - luckily, sumatriptan and soluble aspirin knocked that on the head pretty quickly. I am also able to attribute this to having had 1.5 cups of real coffee today after having laid off it for a while, so it's definitely decaffeinated for me from now on.
Happily, I was still able to appreciate the sunset, and we enjoyed the rest of our walk, dashing back to the van before the gates to the beach were shut at 4.30.  Now post-supper and happily sleepy, reflecting what a hectic week it has been, and how much our preoccupations have changed in that short time. Now we are talking about going back to Greece in September - Su's Tours never sleeps:-)!

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