Thursday, 26 January 2012

Weather Whirl

A brooding start to the day. Su took Bella out while I made breakfast. She then took off to see a rather grand house that we are both going to see tomorrow. May not be where we move to, but it's worth a look (or a second one, in Su's case).
The weather looked set to brighten up, as per the weather forecast.
As we had another viewing arranged for this afternoon, I gave the house a freshen up with the hoover - and even cleaned some windows that the sun was showing up. Next thing I knew, there was a hailstorm.
I also moved one slow step nearer getting my own website set up - it will happen some time in the next few months, once I have everything in place.  After lunch, I left Su to show our potential buyers round while I took Bella out into glorious sunshine. 
We were up by the golf course. Found these snowdrops nestling at the side of the path.
The skies looking south-west were dramatic, with the clouds massing for another onslaught.
Looking over towards Beach (not sure of the reason why this landlocked village is so named - is there sand there?), the sun lit up the fields, while the clouds were battleship grey.
Opportunities for panoramic vistas aplenty today.
Misty down off the hills.
The weather kept changing, so the views kept on coming.
This day a year ago, Su wrote about moving furniture to provide growing space for seedlings. She posted this photograph of loopy Lily, the labradoodle who walks in the same park as Bella.

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