Friday, 31 October 2014

Haloween Foliage

More blossom on our cherry tree this morning.
I went out to sort the van out for a weekend jaunt, and went over the river looking up towards Pulteney Bridge. There will be a catch up blog for the weekend on Sunday or Monday
Looking across the park by the river. After fuelling the van and pumping up its tyres, I spent far too much of the afternoon sorting out the renewal of our house insurance.
 This day a year ago, this sign outside a cafe in Bristol spoke to us.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Flowers, Computer Time & Canal Views

Nearly November, and the daisies are coming out!
Gnomic markings on water points up and down the road. 
In our front garden, the cherry tree is flowering for the third time this year! 
A neighbours' display of dahlias, which Su tells me normally flower around this time of year. 
This afternoon, I went to the other side of Bath to see one of my Mac clients who lives near the canal.
Peering through the trees. 
By the time I'd sorted out the problems it was dusk with a lovely sky.
This day a year ago, we woke to a glorious sunrise. 

Wednesday, 29 October 2014


A late posting as I've been out investigating open mic nights in Bath with Stephen, so a pictorial roundup of the drizzly, misty autumnal day we've had, starting with this spotted on a wall…
 No cake making classes then!
 I was impressed by this door knocker's detail.
 We went for a walk at dusk in magical mistiness.
 Su spotted this cobweb under the sign light.
 Beautiful scene by St Stephens Green.
New lamps lighting the way - we presumed along a driveway to the expensive new house on the edge of Mount Beacon.
A most unusual postbox - it has no royal crest on, so is assumed to predate the introduction of that custom under Queen Victoria…
 This day a year ago, unlike today it was a beautiful bright day.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Flannel, Flowers and Film

Up and off fairly early this morning, passing the salvias and penstemons still flowering in our front garden.
Gave a lecture to the Audio Engineering module, and then hung out in the Music Tech staff office, where I spotted this amongst the herbal teas:-) 
I'd managed to get a parking space for the van right outside the building I was teaching in!
Back home after waiting to supervise project students who didn't turn up, it was flower time again - the wallflowers in our front garden 
The primrose coming out in the back garden, many months earlier than usual 
The newest addition to the garden that Su had planted out - Fern.
Seeds heads on our clematis looking good. 
Even clematis flowers are still coming out. 
Salvias in our back garden looking splendid. 
Roses blooming away. 
This evening we went off down into Bath to the Little Theatre to see the Australian film, Mystery Road - a very atmospheric and excellent film, and highly recommended.  Had two conversations afterwards with people with personal connections to the area it was filmed in (Wilton in Queensland, also apparently where the song Waltzing Matilda originated).
This day a year ago, I spotted this devilish headgear perched on a garden fence - evidence of a party the previous night?

Monday, 27 October 2014

Racing, Playing and Stretching

Late night blogging time! Today saw us back up at the racecourse …
 … and in the final straight for a longer walk than yesterday …
 … commenting on the architectural hodge-podge on show …
 … and spotting mushrooms.
 A swift half at the recently refurbished pub was our reward.
This afternoon, I went down to Stephen's to play some music, passing this rose on the way. Nearly November and still very mild with lots of flowers still out.
After that it was down to Pilates, with a spooky view of St Saviours church against a moonlit, cloudy sky. Then home to delicious curry and watching the latest episode of "Homeland".
This day a year ago, we spotted these gnomic bikers (with solar powered headlights) in a garden centre. 

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Gloucestershire Ramblings

After a late start (even allowing for the clocks going back) we set off to find somewhere flattish, not tarmac, for a walk - Su's knee is still not back to 100%, but she gets a bit stir crazy without stretching her legs! We went into Westonbirt but it was heaving with lots of people going to see the autumn colours, so we carried on up the road to Tetbury.
Went straight through Tetbury on to Nympsfield Long Barrow - fresh air and a clear view across the Severn to Wales and the Forest of Dean.
The viewpoint board annotating the various features in front of us, including two nuclear power stations…
 The entrance to the barrow - now filled in again.
More interpretive board materials to educate and inform.

 The barrow is of over a hundred in the Cotswolds!
 An edge to jump off!
Spotted this glider being towed by a plane 
After we'd got blown about enough there, we made our way to Nailsworth where I spotted this croissant on the pavement -the way you do.
 A china bull in a shop window…
Went for a cup of coffee and a scone in the back of a toy shop - delightful environment, complete with little tables and chairs. 
They had an old safe with this splendid logo on. 
On the way back to the car, a seasonally flavoured notice - not sure in quite which fashion the pumpkins compete… 
After that it was back towards Bath for a bit more of a stretch - Su and I cantered along the race course, passing this row of periscope-like barrier supports. 
One deviant at the end of the row… 
This day a year ago, we went to IKEA in Bristol (such Saturday night joy!) before escaping and going for a curry at the wonderful Krishna's Inn on the Triangle.