Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sunrise Boogie and the Lure of Pedi

I was up at the Sunrise Cafe last night playing with George and Clare - we played for about three hours, so by the time I got back to our apartment back in Yialos, it was the (not so!) early hours. The bells got through to me this morning, and we went to catch the 11 o'clock bus. Noticed quite a few flags flying, and then this helicopter flew in.
Lots of activity around the harbour, with boats leaving moorings, official cars sweeping by and police in uniform. A car swept past the bus, an official party got out and went into a house flying the Greek flag to a reception on the balcony. One of the Greek bus passengers said it was the Minister of Navigation…
Went down to Pedi once more and spent lots of today with this as my view. Again, another nice lunch at Tolis Taverna, where we were unexpectedly joined by Richard and Barbara who'd come down for a look at the sea - we are also joining them for dinner this evening - at Tholos.
Waiting for the bus back to Pedi, the light was once more stunning - this after our sudden wave surge and  a burst of wind that came out of nowhere.
Back in Yialos, just as the Dodecanese Pride docked. 
The mighty bus, with Lakis still behind the wheel. 
This day a year ago, I had finished painting before we went off to Turkey in a few days' time!  The weather carried on behaving itself for my walks with Bella.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Symi Skies, Music and Poetry

On our way to catch the newly-repaired bus up to the Chorio last night, the sunset was lovely against the masts of the yachts.
Looking back over the harbour.
We went up to the Rainbow Bar for a swift drink before heading down the KaliStrata for the benefit in aid of the refugees. It was a varied night, starting with the musicians who regularly play at Georgio & Maria's (where they zoomed off to after their spot). Then Toby played some Bach Preludes, a bit of Mozart, some Satie and Scott Joplin's "The Entertainer". George and I did a spot, and then Steve McAndrew (our surprise mystery guest!) gave us a few songs before the event finished with a bilingual rendition of an anti-discriminatory poem by a Greek schoolteacher. It was a lovely setting - the steps of the KaliStrata under the stars - and loads of people (I reckon 70+ at the height) turned up and gave lots of money to the cause.
After that, we repaired to the Sunrise for a drink. Walking back to descend the KaliStrata into Yialos, the music in Giorgio's was going full tilt after midnight, with lots of dancing. A musical night all round!
This morning in Yialos was busy - we sat and watched the bustle from Aigialos Cafe.
A reassuring sign by the Diagoras! 
The harbour was full of boats again - it seems set to be a warm and busy October from the forecasts we have heard. 
We caught the bus to go to Pedi - this was the view on the turn-around leg from Sevasti coming back down to the kiosk. 
Another nice lunch in Tolis taverna, followed by the feeling of swimming through silk (the water is so smooth) and some gentle basking in the lee of this slipway.
The sunset kissed the Pedi hillside.
It was still going on by the time we got back to our apartment in Yialos. 
This day a year ago, the weather was warm and I spent most of my day oiling our garden bench ahead of the impending winter and our forthcoming trip to Turkey. 

Friday, 28 September 2012

Clouds on Symi!

Another warm day, so we decided that we should spend another day by water. Happily decided that we would go back to Nimborio - we've tried all the beaches on Symi and think that there and St Nicholas are the ones for us. We'll probably see more of St Nick's once we have moved to the Chorio, so Nimborio it was again today. Caught a snap of myself in the reflection from the glass-bottomed boat, along with a few little fish.
Flying the Greek flag on the boat.
The war memorial statue of the fisher boy that used to stand by the clocktower.
It was rush hour as we left. First the Proteus came in opposite the Symi, leaving what looked like a small gap from the quayside
Then the Dodecanese Express came in between them just after a couple of smaller boats had squeezed through.
Leaving Symi harbour showed how cloudy the day was - it didn't make it any cooler though (not that I'm really complaining!). 
Lovely light on the water coming round Harani.
Richard and Barbara turned up at Nimborio, having admirably walked from Harani. We shared a lunch table with them and even enticed Richard in for a dip. As we were getting ready to leave on the last boat, this tetchy donkey was dragged through.
Su got branded by the chair she sat on as "Magnifica" (if you look in a mirror). 
This day a year ago, the sun was shining in the U.K and it was warm (not as warm as Symi at the moment, but better than current U.K temperatures!). I'd stopped to take this photo of the sunset on my way over to Bristol
Good benefit night for the refugees tonight - more news in tomorrow's blog post. Also playing at the Sunrise with George and Clare tomorrow night!

Today's post later tonight.

At the Sunrise after playing benefit for refugees. Blog post with pictures when we get back to our apartment -as long as the WiFi works when we get back!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Nimborio Return

A very warm day - too hot for our previously planned walk around the wine presses on the top of the island, so instead we caught the boat to Nimborio. Waiting for it to go, we noticed that it was a glass-bottomed boat through which we could see loads of little fish in the harbour.
We know from previous danglings of our feet off a jetty in Pedi that you can get your feet nibbled by little fish. Wonder if they are the same type as the ones used in Aqua Divina, as advertised on the boat?
This big cruise ship, the  "Orient Queen" from Valetta, was in port as we set off. 
This lovely boat and others had anchored round the bay from Nos beach so the big ship could berth in Yialos.
Coming into Nimborio bay, this swish boat was anchored. 
Settled onto sunbeds with shade under the tamarisk trees and looked out at the sun-baking jetty positions. 
I have this view on my laptop's desktop at home - I resisted the urge to move a cursor around:-)!
The day passed by so quickly until it was time to catch the boat back. We had considered walking back, but it was still far too hot. Noticed clouds in the sky!
After a five minute tour of the other side of the bay in the glass-bottomed boat, it was time to set off back to Yialos. 
One thing about clouds and brilliant sunshine is that the sunsets are more spectacular, like tonight's… 
This day a year ago, the sun started to come up and the weather warmed up again - enough for me to do yet more painting. Took Bella for a walk in my favourite place to find this field yielding its third hay crop of the year - this year it has managed just one.
Tomorrow night sees George Strachan and me singing and playing guitar, and James Collins of Symi Dream playing piano in aid of the Syrian refugees. This happens at the gallery on the KaliStrata (look for the Mona Lisa at the top of steps with writing in various languages on your right as you come up the steps to the KaliStrata bar). If you can get along, please do - it starts at about 8 0'clock.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Another Day Floats Away - This Time at Marathounda

Decided to go to Marathounda beach today, so caught the 11 am boat at Yialos harbour. Nice light on the water.
The Symi docked as we left.
Liked this gulet by the clock tower much more.
Out to open sea.
We passed St George's Bay - used for filming cliff scenes in "The Guns of Navarone" and used for base jumping championships in 2010.
Sunbathed, swam a bit and went for lunch. We had an audience of inquisitive goats, who kept circling the beach looking for something to chew. They looked pretty well fed, despite their scrounging gene.
More sunbathing followed, then a spot more swimming with facemask and snorkel - the best part was when I found myself surrounded by a school of hundreds of shiny little fish. Then I felt moved to build a stone sculpture.
 Su's effort was far superior.
Heading back to Yialos with Turkey in our sights.
This day a year ago, we didn't know where the day had disappeared (recurring theme here?!) - I did see this impressive sunset when walking Bella.