Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Walk to Pedi and Back

As the bus is still not running, we decided to get some exercise by walking to Pedi today. Went past the church, with its bold primary coloured windows.
You'd think that with the prices "Waitrose" charge, that he could afford more impressive signage than this
Paintwork on a door showing signs of age.
Now the temperature has cooled a little from its 40ÂșC+ peak, there is a whole new crop of fresh thistles appearing.
The start of our ascent up to the Chorio - we decided not to walk up the KaliStrata today, but went further along the harbour to where the Proteus docks to start our climb. 
The Proteus coming into port. 
Looking over the harbour.
Stopped off at the "Olive Tree for a pit stop before carrying on down to Pedi. Lovely bark on this eucalyptus tree.
Down on Pedi beach, saw this pretty umbellifer. 
At the boatyard, saw the end result of taking a tree and making it into slices, otherwise known as planks.
Stacks of bricks on the beach for a project that is taking some time. 
We caught the little boat to St Nicholas beach for another very relaxing afternoon there. Tried out my newly bought face mask and snorkel - a few little fish and some bits of old rope were all I saw.
But with this view from my sunbed, I wasn't complaining. 
Caught the little boat back to Pedi, and spotted this pretty flower on our way to Tolis taverna.
We had a beer to fortify us before climbing the hill to the Chorio. Saw this ship pull in - it is now called the "Panormitis", but used to be the "River Dart" as the embossed name showing through the paintwork testified.
Interesting paint effects on this boat.
Another pretty plant by the side of the road.
Having climbed up to the Chorio, we then came down the KaliStrata with a stop for a chat to Neil outside the "SymiDream" shop.
This day a year ago, while walking Bella I saw this leopard-print material discarded in the road. My mind boggled with explanations!

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