Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Another Day Floats Away - This Time at Marathounda

Decided to go to Marathounda beach today, so caught the 11 am boat at Yialos harbour. Nice light on the water.
The Symi docked as we left.
Liked this gulet by the clock tower much more.
Out to open sea.
We passed St George's Bay - used for filming cliff scenes in "The Guns of Navarone" and used for base jumping championships in 2010.
Sunbathed, swam a bit and went for lunch. We had an audience of inquisitive goats, who kept circling the beach looking for something to chew. They looked pretty well fed, despite their scrounging gene.
More sunbathing followed, then a spot more swimming with facemask and snorkel - the best part was when I found myself surrounded by a school of hundreds of shiny little fish. Then I felt moved to build a stone sculpture.
 Su's effort was far superior.
Heading back to Yialos with Turkey in our sights.
This day a year ago, we didn't know where the day had disappeared (recurring theme here?!) - I did see this impressive sunset when walking Bella.

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