Friday, 20 May 2016

It's Been a While...

… something like five months since the last blog. I'll start off what will be another photograph-based blog with this picture of a localish street that appeared on Facebook.  Couldn't resist an interpretation as we approach the Euro referendum

Christmas lights on guitar
St Stephens church looking particularly Gothic one January Sunday afternoon.

On Walcot Street, this hearse was suitably furnished inside…

 We know another Olive Tree - on Symi, where Su is as I write, and I will be in less than 6 days time!
Nice stained glass work.
 Skeletal vehicles seemed to be popping up all over Bath - this one on Broad Street.
 At Mr Bs, a great local bookshop, a wall of Tintin…
 What else would you keep by a basment entrance but on of the Bath Bladud pigs?
 … and Marcus growls…
In the Guildhall Market, another Bladud pig
 Su's unorthdox bread rising support in front of the stove.
Very droll…
 Abandoned items - not often you see a pair.
Not many filling stations for Fairy Dust, methinks.
 At Brean Down, a brilliant view across the Bay of Bridgwater towards Hinkley Point
 Painswick snowdrops in early February, just before they got clobbered by the weather. What a show!
Down in town one sunny day.
Good band!
An original!
Outsize shoe in shop window.
The sun came throughout stained glass window again!
February to April saw us fundraising to send bags to Symi - we raised enough to send about 300.
Voting in the referendum on whether Bath should have a mayor (overwhelmingly not was the response) at a nearby school, an odd ziggurat-like atrefact by the entrance.
With the new gods!

Bags en route to Symi - in our van
into Phil and Sue Flagg's car
Is it art?
Abandoned to their fate....
And another…
Double rainbow over Charlcombe Valley
We went to Porto for a break - is a two legged chait art?
Sao Bento train station

Woven scooter…
In Aveiro, art?
Bridge of ribbons, and some padlocks
Electric gondola!
More art.
Back in Porto at BoaVista near our apartment.
Sunset in Porto.
Walking around, who else would you expect to see stencilled on a wall than George Bernard Shaw?
TinTin display in a Book/toy shop
Anarchic crow!
Art at the Serralves Foundation.
Claes Oldenburg sculpture in the grounds.
The art deco mansion
Art, allegedly...
On National Day comemorating POrtugal's almost bloodless revolution, we went to the seaside
Great tiling!
Struggle through video!
The Casa del Musica - great geometry
Lots of gin in Portugal…
One for Prakash!
Art? at Braga
Not just Greece that resents German economic treatment of the EU periphery countries
We liked it so much we went back to the Serralves foundation. Is this art or a seeat?
Allegedly these revolving seats are art
Great cafe with amazing wisteria.
Even the metro has grass between the tracks!
Hail in May!
Yarn bombing at Larkhall Festival

Down at Chew Valley like, Dog Liquor 0% ABV
Went to Jamie's for lunch - the cheesecake was good, but not the best (my standards are high when it comes to cheesecake!)
I want to confess!
This struck me as an amusing sign, again against the background of the Euro referendum...
Poppies in our front garden
Apple blossom!
Astrantia first flower.
What a delight of a bed!
More blossom!
I didn't know there was a ranking of such occupations.
Helen's poppies are again splendid.
Memories of being overwhelmed by bags!
That's all folks! Tomorrow morning early, I am off to Rhodes, and then will rejoin Su on Symi on Sunday Morning - hooray!!!!!!!