Monday, 18 October 2010

No pics camera´s gone astray!

Not really! It just rhymed! As I too am in "sun city" I´ve no access to my iphoto collection. But I can see my emails so very pleased to see that items on ebay have sold which helps to pay for next holiday. Also got long, long email from old, old friend who I tracked down on google. She´s heavily involved in local politics in Melbourne (Aus) so if there´s anything you want to know.........
The sun is still shining here and it´s a perfect temperature for being a tourist. After a leisurely stroll down to the river we hopped a ferry across it to take a look at the other side....not much happening there so had quick coffee and came back. Walked back up the hill and now esconced in hotel writing this and drinking white tea (which tastes as if it´s good for me) which is served, gratis, with little cakes at 5 p.m. every day followed by port at 7 p.m. How civilised is that!

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  1. Ok, ok, go on, rub it in. I'm shivering here in strong and very cold winds...