Monday, 26 January 2015

Late January Round Up

A close up of the damage inflicted on the church on Claremont.
Looking out of our upstairs window at our profusely flowering winter cherry tree. 
Spotted this on the back of a pack of pencils that Su bought - never knew that drawing was such a hazardous activity. Do I need to don overalls before I pick up the guitar.
The first snow of the winter. 
It didn't stick around for long - we have more forecast later this week (the remains of the US blizzards).
With our front door open, the morning sun through our stained glass in the hall generates this intense colour by our stove in the back room. 
We'd actually spotted this car driving round Bath before I saw it parked on our street. It wasn't driven by Mr Clarkson, and it is a Swedish numberplate…
Went out for lunch with Richard and Barbara to Sam's Kitchen in Holt. Richard enjoyed this local beer.
Armed panda graffiti. 
Our clematis has kept flowering through the snow up till a day or so ago, 
Sunrise with mist over the river. 
The mist at the back of the house. 
The mist was still in the valley when I went to get a paper
We were serenaded by this territorial robin when we went for a walk.
Sunset glow over st Stephens church. 
Sunrise glow over the van. 
Spotted this old post box in Tetbury.
In Hobbs House bakery in Nailsworth, we admired this innovative light fitting - actual bread rolls, dried and varnished.
In the car park, spotted this unusual shop decoration.
Abandoned apple on wall.
Walked into town in the afternoon haze, which helped the hill across town stand out from the background.
Came across a gaggle of young people in the Hedgemead Park bandstand - the reticent guitar player was George.
On Walcot Street, what is now Aqua restaurant revealed its origins when we looked up above the doorway.
This conjunction of notice and inevitable vehicle always makes me smile. 
 Artwork for the tip?
Walking around Mount Beacon, I was struck by this clear view of St Saviours church in Larkhall and the electricity pylons beyond Bath.
Sunset glow over Perfect View. 
A great show of old man's beard. 
Mores sunset glow looking up Claremont.
Clevedon yesterday on a cold, grey afternoon with a Grimaldi Lines ship passing by. 
We enjoyed a visit to Dynasty for dim sum 
 Gnomic poster on a warehouse door
This day a year ago, spotted this voodoo doll on sale in a Bristol store…

Monday, 12 January 2015

January unfolds

An interesting set of sights in January so far, beginning with this new addition to the van's dashboard - a present from Carol.
We ventured off to Glastonbury reclamation to get some quarry tiles to put under our stove when we finally let it go out in the Spring. Spotted this artefact when wandering round various piles of reclaimed materials.
First one of these I've ever come across.
Walked down into Bath a week ago, we decided that this Christmas wreath won the prize for the most flamboyant we've seen this year.
Another interesting door adornment.
Spotted outside a garage door…
… so, if you dump rubbish there, it won't be moved. Can't see this having much effect on the fly-tippers.
Several of these spotted on the outside of St Swithin's church - not sure what they are meant to depict.
Plaque on a house on the Paragon.
Outside the YMCA, Su pointed this foundation stone out to me.
We went to the Little Theatre to see Birdman - a most astonishing and excellent film. If you see just one film this year, make sure that it's this one!
Last week saw us at Patsi & Bill's for a not-quite- Twelfth-Night party, where a food-laden table greeted us.
Spotted on a lamp-post, a distressing tale.
Last week we went off to Frome, lunching at the Cheese and Grain, where lots of bands from the 60s and 70s perform.
Old advertising spotted on a building above the main street through the town.
We went down memory lane - up Catherine Hill, which we lived just off  in the early 90s. It is now a tourist attraction.
An unusual frontage - I think this may be the building that used to be the office of the Fortean Times, now superseded by the Internet!
Frome Church on a lovely sunny - if cold - afternoon.
On the main street in Frome.
This is the Boyle Cross.
This street has a stream running down it that hasn't been paved over.
We finished the afternoon with a hot drink at Whiteways garden centre in Bath and a lovely sunset.
Setting sun through trees edging the garden centre.
Another evening saw me walking down this path at dusk - I really liked the pool of light against the sky.
Looking over Bath skyline from above Perfect View
Down in Bath the other day looking for a music shop that I discovered has closed down, I noticed this  unusual sign.
The other day we went to Bruton to visit the Hauser and Wirth art gallery. Despite the information on their website, they weren't open, but we did manage to see some items on display - enormous bucket included.
A rather large clock in the middle of a field - what else would you expect?!!
Not frustrated, we went into Bruton town but didn't cross this ford.
Thought we'd better behave ourselves!
Some really old architecture in Bruton, along with some more modern and inappropriate examples.
Then we came across Sexey's Hospital…
… the chapel…
… Sexey beast, himself …
Walking around the back of the town, saw this most unusual door knocker.
Great old gates.
I though he took a sled pulled by reindeer.
Plox House - most unusual name.
After Bruton, we went off to Street, where I spotted this memorial to Alice Clark.
At Clark's Village, a living sculpture shoe made from woven willow,
Going for a walk yesterday, spotted this nicely decorated skip.
Winter supplies more exhibits for the Museum of Abandoned Items!
Out today, saw the church on Claremont has again been a victim of a vehicle crash.
After lunch at Prior Park we went for a walk around Lyncombe Vale for the first time. I'm not familiar with Stefan Zweig - Google reveals him as the inspiration for Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel.
A rather dragons and dungeons, sub-Tolkien feel to this renovated porch.
Just a mere…
This day a year ago, we were in Godney at the Sheppey Inn with Jon Ryan and Elaine Chalus - good food and a great pub sign!