Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Book Review, Flowers and Dolphin Bin

Happy Lammas Day - a new month! After the brief interlude of sunshine, the weather continues to be definitely mainly overcast. This was about as bright as it got until this evening.
Out with Bella this morning, saw lots of plants enjoying another flush of growth. Chickweed is very prolific at this time of year - very pretty (if invasive), not least because of its fractal branching structure.
These thistles are already passing their peak.
Saw the first michaelmas daisies of the summer
Spent a large chunk of the day working on a book review.  Managed to get it done, dusted and dispatched before it was time to take Bella out for an afternoon walk. Saw this fagged out bumble bee on a neighbour's sunflower plant having a bit of a rest from gathering nectar.
Angelica - another type of umbellifer, again with a branching fractal structure.
A distinctive name - I'm not sure if I would have called my company this…
More pretty flowers with lacecap hydrangea in the background.
Alchemilla leaves hanging on to raindrops long after the last shower had finished.
I don't recall seeing white valerian before.
Bella and I took a different route around Fairfield Park and Larkhall today, which meant we came across this dolphin-shaped dustbin for the first time!
Also noticed this unusual road sign. Suggests that there may have been many occasions on which the fire brigade have been called out to the area!
The first crocosmia I have noticed this Summer.
This Russian vine is growing well.
Grain-like grasses getting ready to drop their seeds.
Doom and gloom in Bath, according to these two headlines outside the corner shop.
This day a year ago was officially the first day of my retirement. I marked the occasion by carrying on decorating before taking Bella out for a walk and taking this cloudscape photograph.

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  1. Wow, perfect pictures :) You have really good skils in this.