Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Getting Ready to Hit the Road

The day started wet and windy, with very heavy showers.
It cleared up eventually so by the time I took Bella out in the afternoon the sun was poking through. Saw this evidence of lawn cutting.
Fruits are starting to appear on plants - these berries are from the Sharon rose flowers that bloomed here not long ago.
 Crocosmia are coming out in profusion around the area now.
Out in the fields, the wind was up and blowing the high umbellifers about.
Buddleia flowers old and new.
The first field mushroom of the year.
Blackberries are beginning to appear in some numbers - these were surprisingly sweet given the lack of sunshine.
In our back garden, where more stones will be deposited over the next few weeks, saw this lovely late clematis in bloom.
We had a very enjoyable evening last night - first a delicious (as ever) curry at Yum Yum Thai and a most engaging series of interlinking stories in "360". As the title suggests, the narrative came full circle in a very satisfying conclusion. It hasn't got brilliant reviews, but what do the critics know?!!

Tomorrow I am off camping with Bella in the van - meeting up with my brother and sister-in-law on the Welsh borders. Picking Su up from Shrewsbury station on Saturday. Fingers crossed for the weather! Our plans for this Summer had been to spend a lot of it camping in the van, but the weather has been against us ever since we got back from Greece in May. 

On another travel front, we have unfortunately had to change our plans to spend a long time in Greece this Autumn. We are still managing to get back to Symi mid-September to early October but not staying on longer as we had hoped. Undeterred, we are plotting escape plans for much longer! Watch this space…

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