Thursday, 30 August 2012

Tour of Somerset

After the last few days' concentration of applying viscous liquids to hard surfaces (AKA "decorating"), we had a jaunt through Somerset today. The sun came out as we drove South from Bath.
By a circuitous route, we came through Buckland Dinham (between Frome and Radstock).
Then we passed through Kilmersdon (The "Jack and Jill" village - and, yes, there is a big hill for them to have tumbled down).
We finally arrived at our destination - Wells, to see this decorated swan on the way to the car park. 
Had a delicious lunch at the excellent veggie restuarant, "The Good Earth", before venturing further where we came upon another decorated swan. It turns out that there are 60 0f them in all, to be auctioned off in September as part of a scheme like Bath's pigs and lions and Bristol's gorillas (all featured in this blog over the last couple of years).
We didn't spot all 60 of the swans, but saw quite a few on our meander up the High Street.
Many were positioned outside shops, and decorated with some relevance to them. I didn't always spot the reason for the particular decoration, but the swans were very attractive.
After a cup of coffee, and a visit to Anokhi (Su's favourite shop), we wandered round the Market Square and saw lots more swans. This one was at the back of the Crown Hotel.
This red, white and blue one was outside the town hall.
This was near the National Trust shop - nice colours.
This one was in the Bishop's Palace gardens, where the actual swans tend to hang out in Wells (lots of tourists to feed them there). 
This bewigged swan was outside a firm of solicitors 
 Outside a kitchen shop and gallery.
I dodn't notice where this one was placed, but loved the iridescent mosaics which really caught the sunshine. 
Further down the road in a charity shop, Wells showed its proximity to the Glastonbury festival site with these dungeons and dragons-type figurines.
On the shelf above, lots of eastern mystical statues to complement them.
In a newsagent window, an opportunity to buy a fluffy swan for only £14.99…
Came home by a more direct route, stopping in Chewton Mendip (ancestral seat of William Waldegrave, former Tory minister) to buy some provisions at the local shop.
Got home and took Bella out for a nice long walk up past Charlcombe church (stopping by the Holy Well) and down through the valley. Resisted the temptation to get even higher…
Nice flowers just coming out.
Dropped down the hill and crossed the stream, into which Bella happily splashed. She is definitely a water dog! This was the view looking up the valley into the sunny afternoon.
A lovely sunset here tonight  - promising another nice day tomorrow?
This day a year ago, we went off for lunch on the Gloucester Road in Bristol, then (deep joy!) onto Ikea to look at kitchen sinks (which we finally installed this Summer) before rounding off the day with a Street Party organising meeting in the pub down the road.

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