Friday, 17 August 2012

Rain, Migraine and More Rain

Wind and rain in the night, but the awning stayed up and no major leaks to contend with. The morning looked as though it would brighten up with blue skies appearing briefly. But it was not to be. I visited Robin and Jean (all of five yards away!) and stayed for some time while the rain came down. This is Robin in jovial mood.
This is Jean, researching possible walks for when the rain passes (tomorrow, if the forecast is to be believed)
Most of the morning and early afternoon, this was the view from their caravan awning.
I developed a migraine and tried to walk it off during a lull in the downpours. This is the site we are staying on - very well-organised and peaceful (although the WiFi is not so quick with more people here for the weekend!).
I found a big field of grain to walk Bella round. She was happy playing in the stream up the side of it, and chewing various sticks she found. This was the view looking southwards.
An impressive stand of flowering thistles.
Found this brightly coloured fungus at the side of the field. Looks decidely unwholesome to me…
The sign up at the entrance to the field suggests that, while this may not be genetically modified grain, it is heavily chemicalised - scary stuff.
The signpost into the village/hamlet/bit of road the camspite is on.
Just opposite the entrance to the campsite, I noticed this enthusiastic sign.
The rain seems to have finally stopped (fingers crossed), so I'll have an opportunity to re-pitch the awning properly tomorrow morning before driving into Shrewsbury to collect Su from the station. Maybe tomorrow will also let me take some more impressive photos of the landscape around here.

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