Thursday, 28 February 2013

Turning of the Months

My hopes for a brighter morning didn't come to much, but at least there was a glow behind the clouds.
I don't think that these daffodils are going to make it in time for St David's Day tomorrow. 
At UWE, such a shortage of intersting things to photograph, I snapped the lift display.
After a morning's teaching in Kaplan College, I walked over to the HP canteen to meet up with a UWE colleague over lunch. I liked this sign to "Rest of Campus" 
Walscourt House, the UWE Vice Chancellor's offices - a Gothic mansion. Great chimneys… 
After more teaching this afternoon, it was time to head home at the end of my working week - and there was sign of more sun! 
 At home, Bella managed to get me out in the garden for a few minutes' ball-throwing before my body temperature plummeted - skies not blue, but not grey either.
This day a year ago, we went up to Westonbirt - dogwood brightened up the day.
In the gap between today and March 1st last year was February 29th. I posted a review of the excellent concert we'd been to the night before - Juan Martin and flamenco dancers at St George's Hall in Bristol. 

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A Glimpse of Sun!

A morning teaching at Kaplan College - the joys of Electrochemistry! On the way out, I decided to experiment with photographing the stairs (as one does). Are these going up or down?
 Down or up?
(The second photograph is going up). After a band practice (during which some students who are using us as clients for a multimedia project filmed us and asked questions) and a cup of coffee with Bob Lang, It was time to leave for home.  My eyes were drawn by an unaccustomed brightness reflecting from the sky - could it be the sun?!!!
By the time I got home, the skies were blue and the sun had brightened up the landscape. 
Not for long, as dusk was coming on. 
The sun's last rays bathing Solsbury Hill. Let's hope tomorrow is bright as well. 
This day last year, the sun disappeared after a few days of welcome brightness. I went into town and exchanged Su's iPad (which had a hardware fault) for a brand new one free of charge. I then walked across the river to Prior Park garden centre and met up with Su to hand over her new iPad.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Office, Lift Buttons & Displaced Barrier

Went to sleep late and woke early to another overcast morning. Lack of photographic opportunities with this light, especially as I didn't walk Bella this morning - dropped Su off with her on my way into UWE. Spent a few peaceful hours working away in this office, which was empty all day. This is the Music Technology staff office - it has lots of daylight from three sides, and you can hear crows walking across the roof. First time I've used my phone flash in daylight - certainly makes a difference on such a drab day.
A pleasing arrangement of buttons in the lift. 
Outside in the ornamental garden, a relocated section of barrier has been added. Spent the day talking to not many students and preparing for teaching later in the week.
This day a year ago, we were still groggily readjusting to UK time after our long flight back from Hong Kong. We did enjoy the bright Spring sunshine on this lichen up at Charlcombe churchyard.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Greyness Returns

Another Monday, another grey day. The sun has deserted us again, although it was marginally less cold today.
At UWE, I came across this Chinese lantern, complete with Chines writing. It looks like it never made it into the air from the burn marks.
I liked the steam coming out of this heating vent merging with the grey of the skies.
In the middle of all the concrete and brick, these trees soften the angles and hard edges.
In the van, ready for the way home.
This day a year ago, we celebrated our anniversary by flying back to the UK from Hong Kong, with a four-hour stopover in Amsterdam - where we saw these sataues called "two incredible sitting black snowmen".

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Flowers and Rubbish Collection

Out in the garden this morning to fetch in wood for the stove, I noticed our hellebore flowers in full bloom.
The delicate markings on this one are only visible from underneath. 
The rich colour of this one is again best appreciated from underneath - luckily I didn't have to lie flat to see it! Bella was waiting patiently for me to throw her ball. 
Out with Bella this afternoon, I decided not just to look out for discarded items to photograph but to do a bit of womble duty by picking up rubbish from the streets. Filled a carrier bag in less than 10 minutes. By the time I came across this discarded Daily Mail leaflet (in cultural Bath!) it was full to the brim.
You wait for ages and then two purple gloves come along on consecutive days! Didn't add this to my rubbish pile, but left it - hopefully to be reclaimed.
This day a year ago, it was my last day of teaching on this visit to Hong Kong and our last day in Hong Kong. This was the view across the ring road outside the college - with the buildings adopting the same profile as the skyline behind them. Not too long ago, this was all fields… 

A Musical Day

Walked down into town today. Saw this on Claremont, and wondered why this particular piece of pavement edger was singled out.
After a spell of no sightings, today brought a new lost glove for my collection. 
I love the way that the minimum amount of repainting was done after this road patching - not even the whole word was done. 
Down on Milsom Street, a fine example of old lettering showing the former function of this building.
Some great music coming out of this band of musicians, one of whom is a near neighbour (Leon Hunt, an excellent banjo player).
Went to catch the bus back up the hill and saw this appropriate numberplate. 
This is a later than usual blog posting because we went out this evening to see the superb Richard Thompson at the Colston Hall in Bristol. On this tour he is playing with a bassist and drummer, both of whom were excellent. As they came back on for an encore someone in the audience shouted out "Hey Joe", whereupon they played a cracking version - a great show indeed!
At the car park in Trenchard Street, each floor has a mural. This is the ground floor one. 
This day a year ago, I was back teaching in Sha Tin and looking out at the tower blocks surrounding the college.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Twenty One - and Some Extra Decades…

Out with Bella this morning saw these rather elegant fungi - I think they are on the stump of what was a great damson tree to scrump from - until it got chopped down…
If you think you're seeing double, you are - these folded gates often make me check my glasses and rub my eyes. 
Today is yet another birthday - Su gave me this card, the advice of which I will do my best to follow. Not sure about going naked on swings in this chill wind, mind you :-)!
Also got this hi-tech card from Ben & Lena. I only posted this photograph on the blog a week ago - sneaky stuff! 
Lots of lovely presents, including this classic in an enamelled tin. I don't know if they induce the episodes, mitigate them or just give you something to do while they pass.
Off to Prior Park to get Bella some food (and a cup of coffee en route), saw this triptych of wheelbarrows (some a bit rusty…) 
Great name for a hairdresser, but not quite sure what the name actually means. What does hedonism hair look like? 
Out with Bella again this afternoon, strange markings on the pavement just up the street. Runes, Neptune's trident, or what? 
Along from Perfect View in a very cold wind, spotted this and several other arrangements of fallen branches. A budding Andy Goldsworthy at work? 
The scaffolding and protective screens have all disappeared from the hillside where the boulder crashed down. You can now see clearly how close to the edge this has left the house. Just a bit of netting to catch the next landslip…
This is the view from the top of the hill - scarily close to the precipice!
I presume this is some of the decking that was taken up in the process of making the hillside safe. 
Another triptych - this time of bollards stopping cars using this path as a shot cut? 
More pavement markings, this time more readable. The joys of chalk and youth! Next step felt tips, then spray cans for these taggers of the future? 
I think that I actually prefer the skeletal forms of hydrangea flowers to the actual blooms themselves. Look at the exquisite detail on these specimens. 
This day last year, we were in Hong Kong - Su spoilt me with birthday presents before and after my teaching stint while the hotel laid on lots of treats for me, including this delicious baked cheesecake. Today I am not teaching on my birthday for the first time in about five years (a really big treat!).