Thursday, 7 February 2013

Longish Day, Shortish Blog

Awake early and eventually got up with the dawn. Iwas moved to stand outside and take photographs of the sunrise in my dressing gown - it was so colourful.
The sky was pink all the way round - this was opposite the rising sun. 
 This was the sun rising over Bathampton.
This was the brightest it got all day. I borrowed Su's car again to go off and teach (and spend a couple of hours in UWE colleagues' office, including a regular blog reader).  Then a drive back through early rush-hour traffic to pick her and Bella up from the other side of Lansdown, before coming home and sorting out stuff before some down time. Talking of which, last night we went off to the Little Theatre to see "Hyde Park on Hudson" with Bill Murray and Laura Linney - an excellent cast all round in fact. Bill Murray's performance as FDR was excellent. With different actors, it might not have been such a diverting film (but you can say that about lots of films…).
This day last year, it was grey and miserable - the moss on this log in the woods up at Brockham End was the brightest thing I saw all day.

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