Monday, 18 February 2013

Coloured Skies

A promising start to the day with blue skies and evidence of sunshine colouring the clouds.
Out with Bella saw this reflection on a shaded wall - could not figure out where it was coming from - a nice pattern though.
A new sign has appeared, and this car is parked with appropriate regard for it. 
Great effect as the sun rose above the clouds over Bathhampton Hill. 
A day at UWE working with student groups on their assignment projects, and giving a lecture about tax (very interesting:-)!) . Enlivened by this unexpected vehicle in the car park - don't know why it was there.
In the van headed for home, realised that I had parked next to a pirate Mini Clubman…
Back at home, glanced out of the window to notice a sunset with promise for tomorrow's weather.
A proper red sky at night. 
This day a year ago, we were being tourists in Hong Kong. Walked along the Avenue of the Stars and saw lots of Jackie Chan wannabes posing with his statue. 

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