Sunday, 10 February 2013

Cooped Up

Not a very exciting or photographic day today. The weather has been wet and I have spent a lot of the day at my desk marking and preparing lectures for the coming week. Glad that there are not too many more weeks of this to go - all being well, the marking should be done and dusted by this time next week, and then I have just 5 weeks more of Kaplan College and 8 more of UWE (apart from some marking - you can never get away that easy in education:-)!).  Out with Bella this morning, I spotted a new hairband on the pavement - they seem to be proliferating almost as fast as the lost gloves and hats!
This is the scene outside. Su has just returned from her walk with Bella, and we will be venturing out a bit later to go and see Gilad Atzmon & The Orient House Ensemble at the Chapel Arts Centre down in Bath.  Should be a good gig, and blow away the cobwebs!
This day a year ago, we had an unexpected fall of snow overnight - our yucca outside did not look happy at all (it didn't last much longer).

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