Monday, 24 August 2015

On A Rainy August Day…

…in the UK, what else is there to do but look back over the last few weeks? Towards the end of July, we left Symi for a while - temperatures there were getting over 40º+C and we were spending all our time indoors with airconditioning, so decided to come back to the British Summer (ha!). Leaving Yialos early morning, we had the glow of sunrise to see us off

Under way to Rhodes, where we spent the day at the Plaza Hotel before getting our flight back to Bristol.
Back to this very different Bath sunrise.

Walked up to the Hare and Hounds pub on the hill, and passed this unusual front door for a posh house. 
Down in Bath, I wonder what "fairytale fitters" will do and for whom?
And the same to you!
Off to Chew Valley Lake on a sunny afternoon and a good walk.
Out with Prakash and Bernie, we came across this Green Bristol car!
Spotted on Walcot Street, a poster that clearly convinced people at the last election.
We took ourselves down to North Devon for a short camping trip in the van and a visit to Broomhill Art House Hotel (with a lovely lunch before our wander around the sculptures).

Camped that evening up at Damage Barton campsite, where we were treated to this glorious rainbow (before the rain set in with a vengeance).
Spotted on a walk around the neighbourhood. Don't hear much about UKIP these days, even though it is the silly season…
An abandoned boot…
Lovely sunset.
Such delights around us!
Went down to Dorset for the day, and stopped at Fontwell Magna, with its looming Gothic church.
Which should I be most scared of?
Interesting garden gate
Where we had an excellent cake and coffee
On the way back, we stopped at Cerne Abbas, with this explicit exhortation of a sign.
Wonder if they put offending dog owners in here?
Further on, we had a stop in Bruton where this bench occupant invites company.
The back of Sexey's Retirement home, with its grand gardens just up from the river.
Down in Bath, the old Social Security offices seem to be being remodelled as a swimming pool.
What kind of art do you make with sandwiches, I wonder? What would you put on your CV - "I have made many sandwiches in a variety of locations, with a range of fillings and breads."?
Now it's raining with a vengeance for the second half of August, so our plans to take off camping in the van during the glorious August weather have come to naught. Just as well we return to Symi in just over a week's time! This day a year ago, Su was making grape jelly with our bumper harvest!

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