Sunday, 29 June 2014

Curtains, Muffins and a Walk in the Woods

Started spraying the new van curtains with fire retardant, and drying them off in the breezy afternoon. Quite a few more to do…
Baked my first ever chocolate chip muffins this afternoon. They seem to be satisfactory, judging by Su's consumption so far… 
Took Bella off for her afternoon walk to Primrose Woods. 
Great idea - except that there are no books inside - just poo bags (which are useful, but not so enlightening). 
You'd expect this post to be made of wood - but it's concrete… 
A clearing in the woods = scene of mystic gatherings? 
Looking out across Bath. 
 Walking up the long straight path behind Bella.
This day a year ago, spotted an example of mature political debate on this spare tyre cover.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Sun, Rain and Van Time

Last night's sunset.
The fire stayed in overnight, which made for a much more pleasant early morning experience than I expected.
Took Bella out and spotted these fuchsia on the way. 
The pub has finally managed to get its sign restored, so it's no longer the Fari Dams 
We spent the afternoon at Carol's - she's had the van parked up at her house where she has been making curtains and cushion covers for it. We checked out the curtains - excellent green and cream stripes - after a lovely lunch. We were treated to a fly past by these two biplanes.
It rained on and off, but we all took shelter in the van - so nice to hang out in it again.
Bella had her tea on Carol's lawn… 
… while big clouds loomed and threatened more rain - poor Glastonbury yet again!
This day a year ago, I fitted new wing mirrors to the van.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Cold for June, Music and Hopscotch

A cold day for June - cold enough to light the stove!
Spent the afternoon at Stephen's playing music - me on guitar and Stephen on cajon. Taking Bella for a walk afterwards, I spotted this extravagant fuchsia.
A new sign at the top of a leafy drive. 
I've not seen this on a pavement for many years - here a multicoloured example of hopscotch
A lid of cloud over the valley. 
This day a year ago, I was down in Larkhall admiring the foundation stone on St Saviours church.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Sunset, Film and Dinner

Last night's sunset, with a spectacular line of cloud across the sky.
Golden glow over Charlcombe. 
A grey day where I caught up on my sleep, moved a bit of furniture around the house and tinkered. This evening we went off to catch the bus into town and admired these geraniums and pink pinks.
Also, my artistic director (Su) pointed out some photo opportunities like this foliated hole in the wall. 
The aforementioned artistic director's earrings of the day. 
Walked down to the bus stop on Claremont, opposite the local corner shop which has a long history of such provisioning. 
Went into town to the Little Theatre to see Bright Days Ahead - an existential and entertaining French film.
After that, we treated ourselves to a meal at Bill's - complete with ducting.
Clever use of partitioning between the tables. 
This day a year ago, we saw this monster at the establishment formerly known as Dick Willows 

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Flowers, UWE and New Southmead Hospital

Out with Bella this morning in unexpected sunshine, I stopped to watch the bees again on this bank of campanula.
Next door to these, the front garden is full of poppies. 
Interesting lines in the sky - remnants of planes' vapour trails? 
Nice wispiness on display as well. 
This afternoon, I dropped the m*rking off at UWE for moderation and then went to Southmead Hospital for a clinic appointment. This newly opened building has been designed around a metaphor of an airport - so I went through an automated sign in process after which I was directed to Gate 36 (rather than the Neurology Outpatients clinic). This took me the length of the airport hospital past coffee shops, indoor trees and seating areas - no travellators, unlike most airports nowadays. 
Waited to be called into another waiting area by seeing my name on a screen on the wall. Talked to the staff in there, to find out they are all really dissatisfied as were many of the patients. Certainly not a very disabled-friendly layout, despite all the new decor. 
On the long walk back to the car park (again not a very disabled-friendly arrangement), passed this sign stuck on a locked bicycle storage area…
This day a year ago, I was in the Pennines visiting Grahame with his new bearded image.

Slipped My Mind!

Apologies for the lateness of this blog - I actually forgot to do it last night! Yesterday morning showed the residue of the previous night's rain on these leaves.
The sun was back out and making these ragged robin leaves shine out. 
For some reason, our road was visited by a covert capture car yesterday morning - so I covertly captured it… 
One of our new penstemons in the back garden 
And the other one. 
A neighbour's foxglove. 
Lots of chalk walk on paths as I took Bella out for a long, slow sniff-full stroll yesterday afternoon, as a break from my last bout of m*rking exam scripts. 
Noah's doing OK, by the looks of this… 
… but maybe Saul is the lucky one :-)! 
Looking down into town from the walk along from Perfect View. 
 Still more declaration of affection.
This guard cat was mightily unimpressed by Bella sniffing the grass on the opposite side of the road 
Looking across to Prior Park on the hillside opposite from us. 
 Further round on our walk, some more artistic use of chalk on offer.
Real talent at work here? 
A neighbour's roses caught my eye. 
Last night's sunset was stunning again. 
This day a year ago, I was in Manchester visiting Jude & Mark where we went out for a very tasty masala dhosa.