Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Slipped My Mind!

Apologies for the lateness of this blog - I actually forgot to do it last night! Yesterday morning showed the residue of the previous night's rain on these leaves.
The sun was back out and making these ragged robin leaves shine out. 
For some reason, our road was visited by a covert capture car yesterday morning - so I covertly captured it… 
One of our new penstemons in the back garden 
And the other one. 
A neighbour's foxglove. 
Lots of chalk walk on paths as I took Bella out for a long, slow sniff-full stroll yesterday afternoon, as a break from my last bout of m*rking exam scripts. 
Noah's doing OK, by the looks of this… 
… but maybe Saul is the lucky one :-)! 
Looking down into town from the walk along from Perfect View. 
 Still more declaration of affection.
This guard cat was mightily unimpressed by Bella sniffing the grass on the opposite side of the road 
Looking across to Prior Park on the hillside opposite from us. 
 Further round on our walk, some more artistic use of chalk on offer.
Real talent at work here? 
A neighbour's roses caught my eye. 
Last night's sunset was stunning again. 
This day a year ago, I was in Manchester visiting Jude & Mark where we went out for a very tasty masala dhosa. 

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