Sunday, 22 June 2014

Trees, Film, Teapots and Flowers

Waiting to catch the bus on Lansdown this morning, we admired the avenue of big trees.
Went to the Little Theatre to see a free preview of Chef- an overly sweet feelgood road movie. Nice food sequences if you're into meat and calorie-laden American food porn. 
Afterwards, we went and got a pastie for lunch and admired the display of teapots in a shop opposite the Pump Rooms - this one's for Richard.
Wandered along to the square opposite the Abbey where was an event on with music. 
Later this afternoon, we took Bella for a walk in Primrose Woods which are looking lovely - this path has come on.
A gap in the trees offered this view across to the other side of Bath. 
In clover! 
 Rosa ragosa throughout the woods.
Another rose.
This day a year ago, I was getting ready to set off on a jaunt northwards in the van to see old friends.

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