Thursday, 12 June 2014

Sunset over Yialos and Sunbathing at St Nicks

A delayed blog for various reasons. This was the sunset on Monday evening as I went down into Yialos to get cash for the last of our rent payments on the apartment.
This was the view at the top of the hill after my very swift trip down into Yialos 
Later that evening, we spotted this miniature scooter, parked next to some full sized ones.
This was yesterday morning on Symi, with our view over the Pedi valley.
Clear blue skies… 
Our last day on the island, or so we thought… We were were going to leave Symi this morning, but now are staying on the island until the afternoon boat (long story, which I'll spare you the details of!).
Nice looking boat 
Spent the day having to endure this view. 
We saw this side of the bay leading down to Agia Marina as a sleeping dragon with its snout dipping under the sea. It was the lidded "eye" that did it!
Last look back at our favourite beach - until September. 
This day a year ago, we were in rainy Bath where I spotted another abandoned hairband.
There may not be a blog post today as we are going to have some people round to the apartment this morning, pack, do some shopping, possibly go down to Pedi, then catch the boat & plane. There'll be a round up from the UK tomorrow at some stage, when we'll wonder why we aren't on Symi…

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