Sunday, 29 June 2014

Curtains, Muffins and a Walk in the Woods

Started spraying the new van curtains with fire retardant, and drying them off in the breezy afternoon. Quite a few more to do…
Baked my first ever chocolate chip muffins this afternoon. They seem to be satisfactory, judging by Su's consumption so far… 
Took Bella off for her afternoon walk to Primrose Woods. 
Great idea - except that there are no books inside - just poo bags (which are useful, but not so enlightening). 
You'd expect this post to be made of wood - but it's concrete… 
A clearing in the woods = scene of mystic gatherings? 
Looking out across Bath. 
 Walking up the long straight path behind Bella.
This day a year ago, spotted an example of mature political debate on this spare tyre cover.

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