Saturday, 28 June 2014

Sun, Rain and Van Time

Last night's sunset.
The fire stayed in overnight, which made for a much more pleasant early morning experience than I expected.
Took Bella out and spotted these fuchsia on the way. 
The pub has finally managed to get its sign restored, so it's no longer the Fari Dams 
We spent the afternoon at Carol's - she's had the van parked up at her house where she has been making curtains and cushion covers for it. We checked out the curtains - excellent green and cream stripes - after a lovely lunch. We were treated to a fly past by these two biplanes.
It rained on and off, but we all took shelter in the van - so nice to hang out in it again.
Bella had her tea on Carol's lawn… 
… while big clouds loomed and threatened more rain - poor Glastonbury yet again!
This day a year ago, I fitted new wing mirrors to the van.

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