Wednesday, 4 June 2014

After the Storm and Wandering Around the Upper Horio

After a very windy night and some rain, the morning was monochrome grey and cloudy.
We went for a walk around the upper reaches of the Horio - not as far as the donkey track, but close enough. On the way, saw this triangular surfer toy… 
The smallest football pitch in the world? 
Up to Agia Triada. 
I see this has been redecorated with what we have taken to calling sports hall red - there's an awful lot of this colour around the Horio this year! 
Above the door in the courtyard of the church was this faded icon.
Gargoyle-like door decoration. 
Looking over Pedi Bay, saw this example of TV aerial installation, Symi style. 
Looking up to the Kastro. 
Looking down to Yialos and across to Nimos and the Mousecastle. 
A well camouflaged abandoned cap. 
Here's an opportunity for somebody… 
Flowering thistle plant. 
Round by Lemonitissa, this tree has been built around. 
 Down in the main part of the Horio, you are under 24-hour surveillance outside a newly refurbished bar.
Shop display, Symi style. 
Spotted in Sotiris' supermarket, a new variety of cereal from Mr Breakfast! 
 Wall "art" on the way back to our apartment.
A dead tree with Christmas lights on the balcony outside Kampos supermarket. 
This day a year ago, the weather warmed up enough to wear shorts and T shirt at last, and we took ourselves off to Chew Valley lake for the afternoon. Spotted this damsel fly there. 

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