Sunday, 1 June 2014

Pomegranate Carpets, Goat Watch and Storm Over Turkey

We walked down the Kalistrata into Yialos yesterday evening, passing this carpet of pomegranate flowers.
More pomegranate flowers on this wall. 
Plumbago out in flower. 
It was a lovely light down in the port. 
Lots of pots had these signs - suggests that some people have been helping themselves… 
Looking up towards Lemonitissa church. 
We met up with Barbara, Richard and Trish then walked round the harbour as the sun went down.
Made our way to Mythos restaurant for a gourmet feast with a view over the harbour.
Today has been a lazy day - nothing to do with our visit last night to the Sunrise Kafeneion and the visit by the police :-). Went for an afternoon walk down to Pedi, stopping to admire this hibiscus flower.
A discarded baseball cap hung on a tree by the roadside. 
Walked through the Pedi valley - entertained by this goat standing up to get succulent grazing from a tree.
Pretty markings on this kid. 
Umbellifer time! 
A young foal and mare, both looking a bit skinny 
We watched - and listened to - a big storm make its way along the Turkish coast, Very impressive cloud formations, lightning flashes and thunder rumblings. 
After that, the skies cleared and we've just been treated to a beautiful sunset - pictures in tomorrow's posting 
Walking back up from Pedi, spotted this classically themed pediment. 
This day a year ago, it warmed up in the UK a little and I was out spotting aqua legia flowers. 

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