Wednesday, 30 September 2015

What A Month Or So This Has Been…

Off to Carol's Games Night fundraiser for her China Trek (which she has successfully completed!), we stopped to admire the building skills demonstrated in this shed by the new flats. Not very encouraging for the buyers…
One of Su's yummy meals.
Spotted in a hairdresser on Broad Street in Bath - where else?
In a Wells shop window…
I've heard of ambient music, but what are ambient foods?
Wells cathedral in a rare example of August sunshine.
On the canal by Homebase in Bath.
Finished off August with more outdoor sculptures - this selection from the newly opened, and excellent, Elemental Sculpture Park - where we spent a very enjoyable few hours.

On the walk into Bath, we passed this timeless church clock.
Scaffolding makes this church look like a pagoda…
Got off the bus to find this discarded, discoloured snow globe on top of a rubbish bin, the way you do!
What every Bath bin needs!
Then it was time to leave behind the joys of British Summer and head back to Symi, with a faint rainbow to see us off before the rain returned for our procession to the plane.
Landed on Symi in the morning, and back performing that night - even without a credit!
Su took pics with my phone while we chugged away again!
Jill and Charles were behind us in fine form.
Michailis having a break from cooking lovely food all evening.
Just an everyday drain cover on Symi.
We moved out of the Little Blue House and took up temporary residence in a studio before we could move into a bigger apartment after a couple of weeks. Spent the first few days laid up with sever sciatic pain, so not much sunbathing in the unseasonably hot 45ºC temperatures.
Loads of bougainvillea petals to be seen everywhere, as the flowers are out in force.
Caught the Prof hard at work, while an attentive cat awaited instruction.
Another week, another gig!
Manged to get the red of this hibiscus without it overexposing my phone camera sensors.
Taxiarchis Apartment Hotel flags

At the end of the street, a great big cruise ship - it must be Symi!
Doesn't time fly when you're enjoying yourself - was it Friday already again?
The snapper snapped!
At the film night one Sunday, a local character fuzzy on film and in person :-)
Symi Superman changing room?
My wisdom tooth had been playing me up, so I paid a visit to the dentist above the butcher's, who removed it quickly and painlessly! That evening, it looked as if the sunset was in the North East for some strange reason yet to be determined. Spooky!
Not that great a superpower, I guess?
Down at Tolis Taverna for lunch, this cat took a shone to my sandals and hat.
A quiet afternoon on the terrace, and a brave chicken came to visit.
Sunset glow over Pedi panorama
On the way to Pilates with Justine, an emphatic declaration on the railings.
The entrance to the building where Justine holds the Pilates class.
Lovely purple hibiscus flowers around the Taxiarchis gardens.
Another week flown by.
Red, red flowers.
Waxing moon over the Pedi valley.
Last Sunday, down at Pedi got off the sunbed to go and have lunch in Tolis taverna, stood on a hornet and ended up with an anaphylactic reaction and being kept alive in the Horio medical centre. Many thanks to all who took care of me that day, and for all the well wishes since.
Rain on Symi, sun over Turkey.
Once my medications had worn off, I went to see George for a spot of guitar practice and passed this appliance graveyard.
For Sale, development opportunity with indoor garden!