Saturday, 31 May 2014

Sunny Day on Symi - Had to Go to the Beach

After a slap-up family feast where we're staying and a visit to the Sunrise Kafeneion last night, a later start. Still got down to Pedi before midday.
On the boat to Agios Nikoalos again, passed this nicely named boat. 
Looking back at Pedi, with the gravel boat berthed at the end of the jetty. 
What is this - a cloud in the sky?!!! 
Passed these naked sunbathers - mercifully at the limit of my camera's resolution! 
Looking across to Turkey. 
I spent quite a while examining this view … 
Waiting for the return boat at the end of the afternoon, I admired this art installation, "Bollards and Hand Prints". 
This day a year ago, we were still adjusting to low UK temperatures after four weeks on Symi and had to light our stove to cope with the cold.

Friday, 30 May 2014

After the Storm, Harbour Panorama and Boat Launching

After admiring electrical storms during the night, got up to a fresh and breezy start to the day - I liked the line on the sea in front of Turkey.
Made my way down the Kalistrata and went past the big church in Yialos with its largely original coquillage courtyard.
Up past the Opera House, and looking up towards the Kastro. 
I was taken by these leaves and their shadows on my way to get my floppy foot "Lesleyed" - noticeable difference so far, so fingers crossed.
Went to the bank and walked up to the clock tower, where I made this panoramic view of the harbour. 
Later on, we went for a walk down to Pedi and back, stopping to admire these prickly pear flowers. 
Entertained by the spectacle of getting a boat ready to launch without immersing the car exhaust in the sea.
Had a beer at Katsaras and watched "Elusive" come in and try to anchor. With a name like that, wondered if it was sponsored by the taxman?
This day a year ago, we took Bella for a stick-chasing-and-chewing walk round Chew Valley Lake 
After a windy night, we also contemplated the structure that was once our garden shed …

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Sunset Skies, Music and Rain on Symi

Last night's sunset was unexpected…

In its fading glow, we went along to the Sunrise Kafeneion to meet up with George (and later, Clare) to play some music.
This morning, after another late night (anyone would think we were on holiday!) I was up early enough to catch this view of Pedi Bay.
A leisurely morning, followed by a stroll along to the Olive Tree where we met Joe and Jackie from Scotland, hung out and had a tasty lunch on their terrace looking over towards Nimos as the Spanos boat came in. 
Came back to our apartment via the site of the planned new Horio hospital - on part of the children's playground next to the car park.
Down from that, these donkeys were having a rest before their next endeavours. 
Garden centre on wheels… 
Clothing store on wheels parked up next to it. 
The afternoon clouded over and some serious napping ensued. Went for an early evening walk to clear our heads under grey skies. Admired this incorporation of the rock into this wall.
Under clouds threatening rain, we could see across to Turkey over the top of Nimborio…
… and across to Turkey across from Pedi Bay. 
The rain came and went on and off through the evening, finally giving us a bit more of a soaking on the way back to the apartment after a drink at the Rainbow Bar. Before that we'd wandered around the Horio a little - admired this grand old window design. 
Found ourselves here - the time was three shadows past a raincloud…
New to us was this rather elegant fish design on a newly rendered and painted house. 
This day a year ago, it was our last morning on Symi after four weeks here - waiting to catch the boat to Rhodes for our flight back to the cold (12ºC) UK.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Lantana Selection, Ship Maintenance and Dinky!

Here's Dinky! She's the little kitten who took refuge here last Autumn, and who we hoped would survive. She's done better than that - now grown up, she's been adopted here and sleeps on our terrace in the morning.
Up earlier than I'd have liked, to see the first of many of these early morning views down to Pedi Bay.
Later on, we walked down to Yialos via the village pharmacy - on its last day as Su found out because it's moving down to the harbour (to the former Co-op bank). I admired this industrial distribution apparatus for power supply.
The first of many lantana plants spotted today.
Convulvulus - or blue bindweed, as I tend to think of it. Pretty flowers, though.
Spooky decoration on the front of this bike… think it's from the film, The Crow.
Down in Yialos, this cone is well on its way to becoming a bollard!
Sailing slowly into port came Loyalist!
The crew of the Symi taking advantage of down time in harbour to do some maintenance work. Bit scary with the ramp actually dipping into the water  especially as we noticed later on that the opposite side was also wide open and we could see right through the boat!
Time to paint the chains holding the ramp - note the departure time by Rollex.
We caught the bus over to Pedi and had a very pleasant lunch at Katsaras  - the only taverna open down there at the moment. Going for a walk afterwards, noticed this old sign indicating previous facilities.
Not sure quite what these facilities are, although the sign being fixed to the back of a telephone box suggested that the Greek version of Superman might be involved:-)
Another variety of lantana.
This oleander ws an unusual pale pink - not the much more common bright shade.
A final variety of lantana.
We walked around the bay by the unfinished marina, and admired this use of a hole in the hillside - I hope it's used for storage, rather than as a dwelling.
The skies had hazed over, so we didn't have any beach time today.
This day a year ago, I was awake very early to spot this sunrise over Pedi Bay at the start of our last full day on Symi for that trip.