Monday, 5 May 2014

Open Gardens Trail in Larkhall

Over by the golf course again with Bella late this morning, I admired these chestnut flowers.
This variety also took my fancy. 
This afternoon, Su and I took in another part of the Larkhall Festival - the open gardens. On the way down, spotted this new bit of fence "art" 
This was our first stop - a small terrace garden with sculptures and wood turnings, as well as plants, Burmese cats and a shed we greatly admired. 
This was one of of a pair of sculptures in the garden. 
Then we wandered up to Deadmill Lane, where we took in a pair of gardens - this one led on to a crab apple orchard and a two acre woodland .
Of course lots of opportunities to spy new tulips…
… and more… 
… and whole beds of mixed tulips… 
… and even more… 
The old mill complex had some interesting masonry work - looked like old rubble infill.
… and more above this door. 
Another garden, another tulip. 
… and more tulips… 
… a very flamboyant tulip :
… a little more restrained variety.
This garden wended its way all the way down to Lambrook, and fields of wild garlic, plus this gryphon statue.
More tulips (loved the old-fashioned colours of the one on the left). 
… and a brave colour scheme in evidence with these tulips! 
After all that excitement, we stopped at the Larkhall Inn for a swift half pint, being undeterred by the notice on the front door. 
Admired these original window brackets and lintel on the this house on Hampton View.
This day a year ago, we were enduring the explosions for Easter going all around Yialos and the Chorio - spotted this one as we were up by the Mousecastle.

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