Friday, 23 May 2014

End of Marking and Alice Park Walk With Bella

I've spent a lot of the day at UWE on my second day of marking Music Technology final year projects - some excellent, some middling and some unfortunately woeful. I walked through the hallowed halls of Q Block - almost deserted.
After I was finished, it was home to walk Bella in Alice Park where we were greeted by this honeysuckle hedge next to the van.
Under a tree, a plaque that I don't recall noticing before. 
Bella taking a rest with her ball under the petanque (well it is Bath, darling!) scoreboard 
She then led me to this bench where I sat and threw the ball for her until it was time to head off to take the van to our friend Carol, who is making new curtains and some cushion covers for it while we are in Greece.
Back at the van, I stopped to admire the honeysuckle hedge in all its glory. 
 Home again to see that our peace lily has a new flower.
In the back garden, our climbing hydrangea has started to flower for the first time. 
This day a year ago, we enjoyed a glorious sunset over one of the windmills above Yialos in the Horio. 

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