Monday, 12 May 2014

Work Avoidance, Slug Alert and Glowing Poppies

I was awake early enough this morning to see the light of the rising sun on our neighbour's lilac opposite the bedroom.
The sun rising.
Great clouds on the skyline. 
A perfect fit for this abandoned hub cap - the base of the old bin that people keep leaving rubbish on. 
It must be organic when you find a slug happily nibbling its way around your vegetables in the fridge. 
Spent an hour or so under gradually greying skies and falling temperatures washing the winter's dirt off the van in preparation for spraying up over last Autumn's repairs. I had intended to take off to Westonbirt with Bella away from the Internet and mark dissertations out there for the day but it would have been cold and miserable - especially with the rain that hammered down through the middle of the day. So, I managed to avoid working by taking myself into the kitchen to make food for today and tomorrow.
This was the cleaner van, which should be two-tone white after Wednesday, when Dan Buzzo is kindly teaching me (and helping too) to spray the repaired parts.
Took Bella out for her afternoon walk into cleared blue skies - for the moment.
A neighbour's ostiospermum enjoying the sunshine. 
Looking over towards Little Solsbury. 
Michael Caine's Bath hideaway?:-) 
These poppies were illuminated as bright as this by the sunshine. 
Found this creature on the pavement - gave it a wide berth… 
These tulips are still hanging on. 
Wild garlic lining the driveway to the Manor House on Charlcombe Lane. 
Blossom outside the Manor House. 
One view of Little Solsbury for sale - along with Manor Farm house.
Bella and I pootled down Charlcombe Lane - a green bower. 
An abandoned glove in the hedgerow. 
Lilac in the Charlcombe churchyard. 
Lacecap hydrangea coming out. 
A lovely stand of irises. 
The entrance to the garden - Bella had a happy little splash in the Holy Well.
A replacement for the old bench - I followed the admonition was thankful for the seat.
On the way home, saw Spike and Ash after a long gap. Got a nice welcome before they wandered off. 
Lovely patterns on these leaves 
Spikes of flowers have appeared since we last walked along this way. 
This day a year ago, we were entertained by this noisy insect touching down in the Olive Tree

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