Thursday, 8 May 2014

Behind The Wheel, Snail Alert and Graffiti

A long day - we were up at 4 am to drive to Bristol airport, via Keynsham to pick up Carol. Here's their luggage ready to be checked in. 
After breakfast it was out with Bella into the drizzly dampness. Makes the cow parsley grow!
Petrol rainbow on the road. 
Met the owner of this van, whose told me how his personalised numberplate refers directly to his name.
These tulips are still growing strong. 
By the front gate, proof that it's lovely weather for snails and slugs. 
Then it was back behind the wheel - firstly to pick up spray paint for the van. On the way, sitting in a traffic queue , I was impressed by this striking decoration on cohe'sion hairdresser in St George's.
In a back street, an artistic business sign. 
On the way from there I stopped the van to capture this sequence of decorations on a bridge. 

Stopped at traffic lights in Easton, it made me laugh to see that this UKIP poster had suffered quite some interference.
Stopped at Morrison's for some shopping and cheap diesel - liked the name of this business.
Morrisons have this technology in their stores - it is a weird effect…
After the joy of Morrisons it was off to UWE to pick up 26 paper versions of the dissertations I have been marking electronically this week, and another 10 music technology projects - that should keep me busy for a while! Last leg of my driving marathon before coming back to Bath was to head off to pickup the cushions for the van - through some pretty wet interludes.
Out with Bella this afternoon, I admired this neighbour's bluebells. 
When the skies are grey, my gaze is drawn to different things that I wouldn't necessarily notice on another day - like this lichen. 
Loved the texture of this specimen. 
Exquisite detail on this. 
Casualty of today's winds. 
A carpet of windblown cherry blossom. 
Half a fruit on the pavement. 
Lovely wisteria glimpsed over a hedge. 
This day a year ago, the Parkers had arrived on Symi and we joined them and the rest of their party for dinner down at the Trata.

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