Saturday, 10 May 2014

Dodging The Rain and Aliums and A Wisteria Fest

A day of mixed weather - one minute, I looked out at lashing rain…
… and the next the rain had stopped and the sun came out. 
Even blue skies. 
A neighbour's garden has a display of aliums to replace their tulips. 
… one stray tulip hanging on. 
Another alium and watering can.
Walked Bella up to Perfect View, and admired this display of cow parsley at the side of the road up.
Fruits coming already on this tree. 
Not sure what a cat with an eye patch is meant to signify… 
 Admired this wall of wisteria
Close up, as the wind blew it about. 
Another wisteria admired as I sheltered from a shower under a handy tree. 
Not so much the numberplate as the lichen on the bumper caught my eye on this Landrover.
It had a living roof as well. 
This lovely white wisteria is starting to emerge. Will watch this over the next couple of weeks. 
Yet another wisteria along the balcony of this villa on the corner of Richmond Road.
You know it's going to be windy when peony flowers appear! 
 Not a real bird on this roof.
This day a year ago, we wandered around the upper reaches of the Horio, and followed pavement markings to find the Lizard House! 

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