Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Grey Start, Sunny Afternoon, Year End

Another grey start to the day. The rain stopped and the skies cleared very gradually, so that by 3 o'clock at Widcombe this was our view.
We came home to take Bella for a walk - appreciated the colours on this heavily tagged garage door.
It was a lovely afternoon, with the palm trees being lit up. 
The setting sun against these trees brought out the mistiness in the valley beyond. 
It's been a while but the supply of abandoned hairbands continues! 
Here's something else that continues - Bella's unerring ability to find tennis balls and get me to kick them for her to chase. 
The setting sun was really quite spectacular. 
The sun's rays came through the holes in this old lock.
Somebody who cares about access… 
St Stephens Church against the sunset. 
Coming over the hill back home, these clouds provided a fitting end to the afternoon. 
This day a year ago, Su found this excellent poppy skeleton in our back garden.
…and not forgetting:-
Happy New Year!

Monday, 30 December 2013

Scarf, Shaft of Light and a Shuttlecock

A wet and dismal start to the day - so I didn't jump out of bed nor dash to take Bella out. She didn't mind, but was happy when we did get out into a dry patch of weather.
Back in for the final visit by Brendan, our heating engineer - that should be the last we see of him in this connection for many months! What a relief to have a working central heating system, just as the weather turns more inclement… Out with Bella this afternoon in another dry spell, came across a rather nice scarf abandoned in the gutter. Left it on a wall for the owner to retrieve and wash, maybe.
Lovely clouds and skies over Little Solsbury seen from the top of the hill. 
Another abandoned item on a windowsill. 
Came over the top of Mount Beacon to be greeted by this break in the clouds and shaft of light.
 Further down the hill.
I've never come across an abandoned insole - starting to think that the longer I look, the more outlandish things I'll see… 
Another first - a shuttlecock! Bella tried to be interested in it, but it's not the same as a tennis ball…
This day a year ago, we were appreciating the benefits of sleeping in our back bedroom with a display of morning rainbows 

Sunday, 29 December 2013

More Sunshine, Reeds and a Somerset Jaunt

Bright and clear skies again this morning.
Looking over at Little Solsbury with cloudless skies. 
We went off to enjoy the sunshine at Chew Valley Lake. 
A casualty of the recent winds. 
Vulnerable, shallow rooted tree… 
The reeds around the lake provide lots of shelter for different birds.
These reeds shone out in the sun.
The wind came up driving us into the van for our picnic, before we headed off to Kinver Court in Shepton Mallett for coffee and cake. There, we were taken with this yarnbombed standard lamp…
It was for sale - but way beyond our means.
This day a year ago, the weather was unremittingly wet which gave Bella a chance to try out her posh new waxed cotton raincoat. 

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Sunrise, Winter Light and Famous Butchers

A promising start to the day, with a crescent moon as well as incipient sunshine.
Brighter still. 
The skies at the back of the house were quite dramatic. 
Out with Bella looking back at Little Solsbury. 
 Moss on wall looking good.
The sun lit up these trees. 
Searchlight down the street… 
Looking down Malvern Buildings to Little Solsbury. 
Went out down to Larkhall, where we saw this sign outside the butchers. 
Went in to get the story of their appearance on HTV News - here are the stars of the show. 
This day a year ago, we were down at Chew Valley Lake. Su took shelter from the weather in the van, while Bella instructed me yet again in how to kick the ball for her …

Friday, 27 December 2013

Rainbow, Earplug And Shiny-Coated Bella

Despite the forecast of wall-to-wall sunshine, the morning skies were grey and drizzly after last night's fierce winds. We fleetingly got to see this rainbow.
The skies eventually cleared and the sun came out - so it was off for an afternoon walk with Bella. She didn't spot this ball on the tow bar of a van we passed. 
Bright red berries outside this house - very festive. 
The skies were perfectly clear over Little Solsbury. 
Somebody had reallocated this bin cover as a disguise for a bollard… 
More storm damage on the slopes where we had the landslip last winter - the sign is definitely appropriate. 
Lovely light looking back from Perfect View. 
These trees caught the late afternoon sun against the blue skies.
The first abandoned ear plug I've seen during my cataloguing of lost items.
The star of our show, showing off her shiny coat in the sunshine while proudly chewing yet another tennis ball she'd found.
This day a year ago, we traveled back to Bath from Alcester stopping off in Northleach, where we were most pleasantly surprised by the Mechanical Music Museum - well worth a detour to visit!