Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Normal Service Resumes…

Back again after a few day's absence - and many thanks to Su for the last blog post. On Sunday morning, the sunrise was quite impressive.
After that, we had a lovely sunny drive up to Birmingham to see Ben & Lena for the day. Amazing sunset on our way out of town and on the way down the motorway.
 Yesterday out with Bella saw this discarded ribbon.
Red berries against blue skies 
Sunshine over Little Solsbury. 
Went out for a walk with Su and Bella, spotting these classy Roman-numeral-tagged roadworks on the way - only in Bath, darling! 
The view across to the south side of town. 
Serious stuff - especially when backed up with an official DVLA wheel-clamp! 
Went into UWE today for dissertation supervision, passing underneath this gallows-like structure. 
Spotted this inscription on a windowsill - it might just mean "window handle" or similar. Any translations? 
Sunset over UWE - before going out for an enjoyable  Christmas dinner in Bristol at Marco's Sardinian restaurant with quite a few of the Music Technology staff. Many thanks to Tom Mitchell for organising it.
This day a year ago, sunrise was also wonderful. 

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