Sunday, 22 December 2013

Furniture, The Skirl of the Pipes, Downpours and Sunshine

A bright start to the day.
The sun lit up the top of the Charlcombe Valley.
After a day of showers and sun (and much moving of sofas and other furniture around the house) went out with Bella this afternoon, passing this now redundant gate.
 Grand new stone walls on this house.
Looking across to Little Solsbury 
Another car with brightly coloured artificial flowers in the windscreen. 
I heard the sound of bagpipes across the Charlcombe Valley, so Bella and I went to explore. Spotted this hillside covered in old man's beard on the way down the road. 
Got to the drive to Charlcombe Church, decorated with white balloons.
In the churchyard garden, Bella had a happy sniff of all these ball-shaped apples. 
There was indeed the sound of bagpipes coming from the church - I had a long and interesting chat with the piper (, who was there to pipe the bride in and out of the church, as well as playing for them this evening at the Roman Baths.
 Waiting for the bride, who was fashionably late…
She was scheduled to arrive at 2.30, and made it by 3.00 - just as the rain started.
Suddenly, the skies opened and we had hail (shown settled on Bella's coat). Took shelter under a handy laurel tree.
As quickly as it had started, the rain was gone - and the skies had a lovely light, including a section of rainbow over Bailbrook.
Great framing of Little Solsbury as we headed for home. 
This day a year ago, the weather was predominantly wet and we stayed indoors apart from this brief sojourn when we passed the Holbourne Museum.

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