Friday, 27 December 2013

Rainbow, Earplug And Shiny-Coated Bella

Despite the forecast of wall-to-wall sunshine, the morning skies were grey and drizzly after last night's fierce winds. We fleetingly got to see this rainbow.
The skies eventually cleared and the sun came out - so it was off for an afternoon walk with Bella. She didn't spot this ball on the tow bar of a van we passed. 
Bright red berries outside this house - very festive. 
The skies were perfectly clear over Little Solsbury. 
Somebody had reallocated this bin cover as a disguise for a bollard… 
More storm damage on the slopes where we had the landslip last winter - the sign is definitely appropriate. 
Lovely light looking back from Perfect View. 
These trees caught the late afternoon sun against the blue skies.
The first abandoned ear plug I've seen during my cataloguing of lost items.
The star of our show, showing off her shiny coat in the sunshine while proudly chewing yet another tennis ball she'd found.
This day a year ago, we traveled back to Bath from Alcester stopping off in Northleach, where we were most pleasantly surprised by the Mechanical Music Museum - well worth a detour to visit! 

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