Saturday, 21 December 2013

Shortest Day, Last Painting and Surprise Sunset

Spent most of the day indoors - finished painting the woodwork in our downstairs front room while looking at grey skies on the shortest day of the year. Took Bella out for her afternoon walk, spotting this faded rose nicely framed by the house behind.
This recycling box is itself ready for recycling… 
The skies started to brighten as we climbed the hill, highlighting these vapour trails.
Found this package on the ground - I had my suspicions as to what it was… 
Turning it over, my guess was shown to be correct. I left the package in plain view on a bollard - hopefully for the owner to retrieve it
Only in Bath, darling… 
Lovely skies behind St Stephens church.
 Spotted these plants poking up - Solstice rebirth embodied.
This sign on the building site for the hole in the ground is really **not** informative - maybe it's the NSA controlling it?
The setting sun coloured the skies beyond the tennis club fence.
Lovely skies above Little Solsbury as we turned for home. 
I love the way that physallis flowers leave their framework behind when the petals disappear.
Looking back up the hill to the last of the sunset. 
These neighbours have gone wholeheartedly for a Christmas display of white cyclamen.
This day a year ago, we went over to the Glove Factory cafĂ© in Holt where I couldn't decide if this was a sculpture or just a lump of stone on a plinth…

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