Friday, 17 July 2015

Time Passes So Quickly - Now It's the Middle of July!

This house just down from us isn't occupied, as you might guess from the jolly face on its door…
Technical reasons were to do with not being able to be both on the Poseidon boat trip and open the Sunrise Kafeneion at the same time…
Not sure whether to be reassured or worried by this sticker on the back of a car parked up on the road. Would 5 stars be better or worse?
The side of a boat being spruced up down near Tolis Taverna (now open) in Pedi.
Shack, Symi style.
Waiting for the bus, this swallowtail butterfly landed on my foot and obligingly posed while I photographed it.
Lizard on a rock at Agios Nikolaos beach
Late afternoon light in Pedi.
Looking across to Turkey in the evening.
View over Yialos.
More Pedi afternoon glow.
Pedi bay twinkling in the morning sunlight
The bus has a new sign at the Yialos terminus.
 Just one of the many insect varieties around at the moment.
Posters appeared around Symi for a concert to be held on the Kalistrata steps.
Wonder what use will be found for this uneven-seated chair?
 Sunset reflections in a Pedi puddle.
 Moonrise with clouds.
How to ripen your melon in Greece…
There was a big wedding on 4th July - spotted the car near the Village Hotel.
Sunday was the day of the referendum  on whether or not to accept the bailout terms that had been withdrawn, to which the result was a resounding "Oxi!". Pity that Greece has now been forced to accept an even worse deal.... Also, on Sunday was the concert by Alexandra Koniak on the Kalistrata steps - here she is in the crowd, singing "Hey Big Spender".
Is Greece a Shady and Cool Environment? :-)
Oh no! The Noddy Train in trouble
Last night's sunset glow over Yialos
Meanwhile, every Friday evening I'm to be found at the Secret Garden chugging way on guitar…
Very reserved…
This day a year ago, we were at Crosby beach, where Bella really enjoyed yet another of her holiday immersions in water chasing her ball. As we found out from our friends Allan and Linda, who left Symi on Wednesday after a brief but most enjoyable visit, they live literally a few minutes away from here - but we didn't know at the time. We had gone to see Anthony Gornley's installation,  Another Time Another Place but hadn't consulted the tide tables beforehand - so most of them were already underwater by the time we arrived.