Monday, 30 September 2013

Pedi Valley, Dried Plants, St Nicks and Wine Night

An earlyish night leads to an earlyish morning which leads to being able to see such glorious sights as this first thing…
Walked down the Pedi valley. Saw this construction site… 
…these dried up beautiful flower heads… 
…these dried up thistles… 
…these dried up thistles with down and flowers still going… 
…this transport of delight which Su instantly coveted… 
… before we got on the taxi boat and headed off…
…past the Tilly Mint yacht moored in the bay… 
…looking back at the Chorio above the Pedi Valley and Pedi Bay… 
…we pulled into St Nicholas beach again … 
…which was delightfully empty after yesterday's quite "busy" crowds… 
…waiting for the taxi boat back to Pedi at the end of the afternoon, we watched this kayak pootling about… 
…back in Pedi, Su poited out this abandoned item of clothing - well spotted!… 
…walked back past the mystery construction site. It looks like a hotel/apartment complex to me… 
…on the road up from Pedi, noticed these young pine trees weeping resin… 
…at the chicken complex, spotted this lone turkey with its lovely pale blue neck… 
…home for a quick shower and preparation of supper before heading off to the Symi Dream wine night (which is my excuse for such a late posting of the blog tonight!)
This day a year ago, we saw this helicopter coming in to land and lots of military type activity - the rumour we heard was that it was the Greek Minister of Navigation arriving!
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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Immovable Transports, St Nicholas Beach and a Potted Cat

Had a good session at the Sunrise Cafe last night with George and Clare. Afterwards, I had to deal with a compaint outside from Kerry & Steve Finch ©®™ that they hadn't been mentioned in the blog for a day. As they insisted so vociferously, here they are…
Walking back to our apartment, we were enticed by the sound of Greek music coming out of Giorgio's - got there just as they finished their last number.
Out this morning to get a few supplies, I saw that the lentisk tree that flowered in May is now bearing fruit. 
Great way to store pressurised gas containers - in full sun all day… 
The grasses have all taken on a lovely golden hue. 
We caught the bus down to Pedi and sat opposite the imaginatively created graffiti on the bus windows, formed by scratching off the grey tinting. 
Down at Pedi waiting for the taxi boat, saw this craft that's going nowhere… 
Spent a very pleasant afternoon down at St Nicholas beach reading, listening to music, swimming, lunching and snoozing… 
The boat back. 
Off the bus at the kiosk, saw this very relaxed cat - although it wasn't sure about granting me picture rights. 
On the way down to our apartment, saw a motor bike that isn't going anywhere in a hurry either. 
This day a year ago, we caught a taxi boat from Yialos to St Nicholas beach where we spent the day (recurring theme here!) before going back to the Opera House to see the setting sun colour the clouds. 
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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Into Town, Symi Comics and Sun Both Ends of the Day

After last night's earlier night, we were awake in time to see dawn breaking over the Pedi valley.
We were up and out quite early (for us). Went past the Village Hotel. 
Down the Kalistrata for the first time this trip - good tester for my recovering knee, which held up OK. Still plenty of grand projects down the steps to be taken on… 
Down in Yialos, spotted these Symi-centric comics in the stationery shop. 
Did some shopping and rewarded ourselves with a coffee at Agialos, watching the Poseidon pull out on a day trip and the various comings and goings of people and vehicles.
Went to catch the bus back up to the Chorio as the Symi pulled into port, laden with lots of day trippers from Rhodes. 
Up at the kiosk, Su was taken by this as a desirable vehicle! 
Had a very relaxing afternoon - I practiced some songs ahead of tonight's playing at the Sunrise with George while Su sketched. On the way out for a constitutional walk later in the afternoon.
Looking up at the Vigla. 
This chimney on top of the oven looked like a face to me 
Ladder support Symi style - Health & Safety gone mad:-)! 
Decorations on this second-floor-to-be pillar.
The before and after example of chimney bell tower painting. 
We found ourselves up at the Rainbow, where we met up with several people and I found this sign in the men's loo. It's all too true as people here survive on what they collected in their sternas last winter, or else rely on the water boat from Rhodes for the town supply - which does run out on occasion in the high season. 
On the way back to our apartment, caught the last of the sun's rays on the side of the valley. 
This day a year ago, we went back to Nimborio on the boat under quite cloudy skies before - along with other performers - George and I played at a benefit for the Syrian refugees detained in the police station. My new guitar's first outing!
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Friday, 27 September 2013

Sights on the Pedi Road, First Swim and Chickens

After another late night, woke after not enough sleep to the sight of the Pedi valley with clouds in the sky.
A slow morning ensued after which we walked down to Pedi, passing this flower-adorned wall.
What do you plug a window with? An old oil barrel, of course.
A new sign for the Secret Garden Cafe - well worth a visit.
On the road from Yialos saw this interesting scaffolding and crane arrangement.
A novel use for plastic bottles, and great to see the protruding metal rods covered up.
Coming down the Pedi road with the eucalyptus tree trunks painted white.
Down by the boatyard, this mother hen kept her three chicks away from us.
We had a nice light lunch at Tolis Taverna and then wandered along the beach.
A striking (!) door knocker.
We sat outside the Pedi Beach hotel and had to endure this view for the afternoon. Had our first swim of the holiday - it was a *little* cool getting in but then really lovely.
We walked back up to the Horio, on the way spotting this tamarisk tree with new growth.
Passed the field full of chickens - this proud one came up  with his harem to check us out.
Some lovely looking birds there.
 Great pollution control at the garage…
Noticed this just down the road from our apartment. It's a vending machine for water - 10 cents gets you 2 litres. What's wrong with the water supply or people's sternas?
Back to the apartment and this lovely bougainvillea.
This day a year ago, we caught the taxi-boat to Nimborio where I enjoyed this view which I normally see on my laptop.
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