Saturday, 14 September 2013

Off to the Seaside & Ascending Balloons

After a long sleep (on my part) and a slow morning  - and with no immediate decorating tasks in sight (hooray!) - we took off or a jaunt before tomorrow's predicted deluge forces us to be indoors. We went through the perpetually traffic-jammed village of Banwell. Waiting at the junction gave me an opportunity to take a photo of this building, which has housed the fire unit since it was built in 1887.
We arrived at Weston-super-Mare front just in time to catch the little train - shades of Symi (we'll be there in 11 days time!) 
There is some grand old architecture in Weston, including the Winter Gardens Pavillion. 
 Looking across to the Marine Lake.
We carried on northwards along the coast road to Kewstoke and went down onto Sand Bay for the first time. Views across to Wales, big skies and lots of beach for Bella to sniff - she even found a fragment of a tennis ball to chase.
Just as alll along this coast, there is mud to look out for. Liked this holey sign with the mud surfer grooving away.
Sand Bay is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, mainly for the bird life. We saw a young sparrrow hawk sitting on a signpost in the car park - but my phone camera wasn't up to getting a decent photograph of it.
A big smiley, crowned face drawn on the sand. 
We all enjoyed our afternoon there, and will be back.  Came home via the picturesque village of Chew Magna, where Su stopped for some essential supplies. 
Coming back into Bath, we saw that the balloon was up. 
More taking off as we got closer to Victoria Park where they take off from. 
This day a year ago, lots of fun and games on our road with foul-mouthed workmen fixing our water main 
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

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