Monday, 23 September 2013

Van Fix, Holt and Getting Ready for Symi

Just had the experience of writing an entire blog posting only to have it disappear! Most annoying.... so this is a quick reconstruction without all the sparkling wit and repartee!!!
Took the van to Kingswood to get some bodywork repairs done while we are away, via Lawrence Hill where I spotted this striking adornment across three buildings
Su picked me up and we passed this extravagantly detailed house on our way to the ring road.
We went for lunch in Holt at the Glove Factory Cafe - a lovely lunch. Afterwards we debated if this was an art installation or three children's chairs.
Looking back at the Glove Factory complex - a big site from the industrial past.
At the main road, we hoped that this sign was a legacy from a bygone age rather than the current arrangements.
Passed this building that I presumed used to be a pub - possibly called the Three Lions (or the Two Dopey Lions and One Regal One).
What we thought was a Norman church from a distance turned out to be an 1880s United Reformed Church.
Pub with an unusual name.
Serious looking railings around the gardens of The Courts, a National Trust property.
Went down The Walk, and met these very friendly chickens in a back garden.
A slighltly spooky statue of a blindfolded child complete with hat and umbrella.
A rather strange carved elephant garden ornament. Came home and have started to get the house ready for our (blog averse) house sitters, and even started to think about packing - we'll be on Symi in less than 48 hours time!
Talking of Symi, this day a year ago we walked past St George's church all the way to Nimborio. The view of the bay coming over the hill was as glorious as ever.
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

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