Friday, 27 September 2013

Sights on the Pedi Road, First Swim and Chickens

After another late night, woke after not enough sleep to the sight of the Pedi valley with clouds in the sky.
A slow morning ensued after which we walked down to Pedi, passing this flower-adorned wall.
What do you plug a window with? An old oil barrel, of course.
A new sign for the Secret Garden Cafe - well worth a visit.
On the road from Yialos saw this interesting scaffolding and crane arrangement.
A novel use for plastic bottles, and great to see the protruding metal rods covered up.
Coming down the Pedi road with the eucalyptus tree trunks painted white.
Down by the boatyard, this mother hen kept her three chicks away from us.
We had a nice light lunch at Tolis Taverna and then wandered along the beach.
A striking (!) door knocker.
We sat outside the Pedi Beach hotel and had to endure this view for the afternoon. Had our first swim of the holiday - it was a *little* cool getting in but then really lovely.
We walked back up to the Horio, on the way spotting this tamarisk tree with new growth.
Passed the field full of chickens - this proud one came up  with his harem to check us out.
Some lovely looking birds there.
 Great pollution control at the garage…
Noticed this just down the road from our apartment. It's a vending machine for water - 10 cents gets you 2 litres. What's wrong with the water supply or people's sternas?
Back to the apartment and this lovely bougainvillea.
This day a year ago, we caught the taxi-boat to Nimborio where I enjoyed this view which I normally see on my laptop.
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

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