Thursday, 12 September 2013

Old Adverts and Autumnal Scenes

Out this morning, Su pointed out this neighbour's gate which looks like it's got a bad case of green spot and white spot at the same time!
Drove down to the London Road, and spotted this old painted shop sign. There are still lots of these on buildings around Bath. 
Over in Weston village, I admired this old architecture while Su nipped into the library. 
On the corner of the road, a painted advert from another age. 
Painted the fireplace this morning after which Su said that she'd finish doing the woodwork in the back room.
I celebrated by taking Bella out on a longer (if slow) walk than I have managed for a while. I admired the raindrops from last night's downpour on these leaves.
This spider's web caught the sunlight just right. 
Round the corner we found Ash guarding his gate, and wanting his tummy tickled. No sign of his chum Spike today. 
Pigeons resting on this roof they frequent (because the owner there feeds them!) 
Looking across to Solsbury Hill. It was a lovely warm afternoon.
Up at St Stephens, spotted this Lambretta scooter as old as the van.
A grand claim for the owner of this car… 
 …hope this is the "before" of her handiwork and not the "after"!
Very toxic coloured plastic bottle - I don't think I'd like to go up the mountain that dew came from:-). 
A long abandoned glove. 
Bella didn't find a ball, but she found this approximately spheroid apple for me to throw.  She was very careful not to bite into it. 
 Very autumnal scene of rose hips and clematis seed heads.
A small alchemilla collecting raindrops 
In the garden, our michaelmas daises are coming out and framed Bella very nicely. 
Our crab apples are vibrantly red. They may well feature in one of Su's upcoming preserves.
This day a year ago, spotted this very low-lying rainbow in the Chrlcombe Valley.
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

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