Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Sunset, Gargoyles and Bee Homing

Last night's sunset was stunning.
Further across the sky there were feathers of cloud. 
This morning I dropped Su down to Walcot Street, where she spotted these new additions to the old wall near "Sam's Kitchen". 
Further along the wall there were more "gargoyles". 
Out in the garden this morning, I admired our white rose which has transformed since Su put some coffee grounds round it - caffeine for roses!?
I was out in the garden sawing up old bamboo canes into 3" lengths to fit into one of the redundant drawers from the van. Why? I need some more canes, but am well on my way to having a functioning bee box. Having admired the bees so much throughout the Summer, it seems only right to make them a Winter home.
Having again hobbled down to the doctor's this morning about my knee, this afternoon saw Su taking me to the hospital for an X-ray. We went via Julian Road, and I properly noticed this bijou house for the first time.
At the hospital, this construction over the coffee bar gave me pause. Don't know its relevance to health care… 
Waiting for Su to come and pick me up after my bone photograph, I stood by this sign as patients all around puffed away… 
After that, we came down the side of Victoria Park towards the gasometer. 
Su went into Sainsburys while Bella and I guarded the car in the rain. 
This day a year ago, Su caught the morning boat to Symi while I went into the suburbs of Rhodes in search of a guitar to play on the Rock (having decided that I could not trust Easyjet with my UK guitar) - success at Vagelis Music shop! This time next week we will be at Gatwick Airport once more on the first leg of our journey to Symi!
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

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