Friday, 20 September 2013

Sunrise, Boiler, Flowers, Thwarted Westonbirt Visit and a Picnic

Up bright and early this morning - just in time to catch the moon setting …
… as the sun started to rise,
before it broke through to give us a beautiful morning. 
We've spent a lot of the day focused on our boiler, which stopped providing hot water yesterday. Our trusty local plumber, Brendan, was here this morning - and then back again at lunchtime to fix it for us. A cost we could have done without just before our holiday:-). While he was cursing the boiler, I spent some time in our garden - our sedum are magnificent at the moment.
This acer continues to slowly expand year on year. 
A constant companion - note the ball at her feet.
Our bed by the fence with cistus, phlox and the last of the veronica, along with crocosmia and other plants.
Hiding at the bottom of the bed are these delightful snapdragons which have unexpectedly come back this year.
We decided to go off to Westonbirt for a late lunch picnic and to walk Bella.  On the way, we passed this grand display of virginia creeper starting to turn red.
We got up the A46 to the roundabout above the M4 only to find that the rest of the way to Westonbirt was blocked because of a traffic accident. Undeterred, we managed to get round the roundabout and headed back into Bath and ended up at …
…Alice Park, which is one of Bella's favourite places. Su gave Bella a short walk and ball-chasing interlude while I brewed up a cup of tea in the van. We then had our pinic in the van and Bella lay on the grass trying to entice passers-by to throw her ball for her.
Noticed this rather fine crest on the building used for the nursery group. 
Got a bit too close to this Russian vine, whihc seems to have set off my blocked nose syndrome! 
Then it was off to Morrisons to get some essential supplies. Su braved the shopping while I waited in the car park with Bella. 
This day a year ago, we enjoyed a meal at one of our favourite establishments on Symi, The Taverna Trata.
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

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