Sunday, 12 May 2013

Lazy Sunday on Symi

A gentle and late start to the day, after another music session with George and Clare at the Sunrise Cafe last night. A good turn-out - Su has posted pictures on Facebook of Clare, George and me (in an unflattering pose).
Turkey was quite visible this morning
The Vigla looked quite clear, and the day has been very clement - mainly sunny, not too warm.
We went up to the Olive Tree for a breakfast treat, as it was Sunday. On the way saw this discarded SpiderMan mask - some young Greek boy's delight for a while.
Fading paintwork on this telegraph pole - wonder what these colours signify?
The Olive Tree was visited by this insect which flapped its wings very fast on the back of a chair. As soon as it stopped fanning itself, it took off. Guess it was overheated - wondered if it was a cricket or a locust.
The view across to Nimos - pity about the wires, but they're part of the Symi landscape unless you get up really high.
On the way back to the apartment, I was taken with these oleander flowers against the blue sky.
Lovely roses in the gardens around our apartment. Interestingly, the red colour has come through on my iPhone camera with more detail in shadow than under open sky.
Pelargoniums in full flower.
These grasses have very attractive seed heads.
Spent a most pleasant afternoon reading on the terrace, having a late lunch, looking at the goats grazing in front of our apartment, listening to a bit of Pink Floyd - a proper Sunday! George is coming over for dinner later on - music may ensue if he brings his guitar.
This day a year ago, we explored a bit more of Molivos, and found ourselves in flower-filled meadows.
Su's news story of the day (Independent - click on the title for the full story):

Private eyes to track down EU students who owe £50m in loans

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