Friday, 17 May 2013

The Day After the Night Before on Symi

A late night at the Sunrise Cafe last night - far later than we had intended, so I was a late riser this morning to see this overcast and breezy view.
Went to the Olive Tree for some restorative late breakfast, and a view over to Nimos while we recovered a little… 
Did a bit of shopping and went past Zoe's, which has opened for business again - with new artwork. 
The donkey train being told to head off back up the hill, which they did without any further encouragement or escort for quite a way before their owner caught them up in his pickup truck.
The umbrella that Kev lent us to get home from the Sunrise last night through the unexpected rain. Must return it soon…
Walked down to Pedi this afternoon rather than crash out in our apartment. Good to see the progress being made on getting boats ready for the water.
The sea was choppy and brown -very different to yesterday. 
Loved the props for the boats and their balancing act.
The cargo boat, "Elpida" was berthed at the jetty. 
The cargo - bricks from Halkidiki. 
Stopped for a hair of the dog and a read of our books at the Pedi Beach Hotel. We enjoyed the warm-ish breeze for a while.
The Elpida backing out of the bay before sailing off. 
Liked the painting over this church door. 
The chickens have returned to this patch of ground, which has been planted with quite a few trees since last Autumn. 
Thistles are growing profusely at the moment. 
Lots more red aliums in evidence today. 
This poster has survived being on the lamp-post since last Summer. Not bad given the conditions it has been exposed to.
This day a year ago, we were settling into being back on Symi and enjoying our view down the Pedi valley from Anastasia's apartments. 
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

Glasgow scientists create single-pixel camera for 3D images

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